A Good Surprise in the Mail today

You all know I love getting free supplies. I’ve been getting these diabetes magazines lately free from Riteaids and Walgreens (The are free for the taking back by the pharmacy) Anyway, these magazines are a great source for coupons for store branded products and they often have inserts with promotional offers. In February, I sent off two of these promo cards for a FREE Freestyle Lite meter kit, not really knowing if I would actually receive them or not. Today they came. Complete with 10 strips each, lancets and you guessed it… control solution. LOL

I have a couple more of these inserts… I’m going to send them! LOL

:o) You can’t beat free. :o)

Hi Sylvia,
I got Maddy a freestyle lite through Abbots website. I also got her a one touch mini through One Touch’s website. They both came w/10 strips and control solution. ~8:o) I love Free Stuff too! Maybe we need to have a list (or a group) where we can promote Free STuff!

Actually there is one…I started it a couple months ago… Strategic Savers… Lots of coupons and free stuff to get there… and I show you how to use coupons and rebates to get additional stuff free.


I thought you might want to look at this:


It says that the Freestyle Lite meter and test strips have been recalled. I hope you’re not affected! (It’s so great to get free stuff, especially with the expenses of diabetes!)