FREE Meter and Splenda deals this week!

I belong to a couponing forum and I am big into getting meters and stuff for FREE.

There are some great deals for those of you who are in the USA this week… anyone interested??

Walgreens weekly advert 2/01/09
Bayer Contour or Breeze 2 meter, 14.99 (free after rebate) (Walgreens purchase limit 1, but there are 7 days this week!!)
Splenda 100 packets or 80 packet w Fiber $2.99 w Walgreens coupon, (There’s an internet printable for $3 on the net, FREE)

RiteAid. weekly advert 2/01/09
Bayor Controur meter $14.99 (mail in rebate, free - No riteaid purchase limit)
One Touch Ultra Mini $19.99 and the other next size up same price.

So heres the deal… if you buy the same Contour meter over and over you get 10 strips, 10 lancets, an ocassional control solution and the battery you need and you always have a back up if your meter dies. And if you have coupons and rebates… they are free!! (One Touch does not give strips in their retail kits)

Let me know if this type of thing is not ok here… Or if you want me to share my other finds.


I just received a Free One Touch Mini in the Mail that came with 10 strips. You call their promotional dept., answer a few questions and see if you qualify for a free meter. I was told that you can do this every few months.

:o) There’s an online link too.

and one from Freestyle

and one from accucheck… with choice of 5 cool skins (this one comes with 60 strips!!

You’re welcome Renee!

I think next week offers some good things too… It’ll try to keep you updated.


Looks like some of the online links for meters have expired or are now updated. Let me know if you find new links for free meters.

In the mean time…
Walgreens has the Accu-Check meters for $9.99 this week (FEB 15-21,2009 ) There is a rebate inside the box making it free.

RiteAid has them on sale for $19.99 this week (rebate in box)

Next week (Feb 22, 09 etc.)

Riteaid has a Wavesense buy strips get kit free (strips are $29.99)

Walgreens will have Freestyle Lite for 19.99 (rebate makes free)

I’ve also noticed these places have good prices on vitamins “by one get one” and other sundries such as free shampoo or toothpaste.

How many of you are interested in learning how to save with coupons and getting free necessities in order to free up cash for meds and such?

Looks like Riteaid has just announced that opened a new online store. Free shipping on $25 or more and there’s a code for 30% off RiteAid30 (good until 2/28/09) I took a quick look to see what they have in the store for us uber sweet people and looks like they have lancets and glucose tablets in the diabetes section. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Riteaid has a coupon to print for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more (after all other coupons and discounts) Good for two days Feb 20 and 21! It is a PDF file so you can print multiples and plan accordingly.
The link for the coupon