Cheapest places to buy D supplies?

We all know that D supplies cost alot- even when you have health insurance!

I’ve even had pharmacy technicians tell me “Man you diabetics have it bad when it comes to spending money here!”

Let us know the cheapest places you have found supplies whether it be local pharmacies or online places. We might be able to help eachother save a buck or 2!

Well I get my stuff from the Kaiser pharmacy…can’t remember all prices, but I just got 200 test strips yesterday for $68 for my One Touch Ultra.

Cheapest strips are on ebay a box of 100 Freestyle strips costs around $50 and some times if you are lucky you will find a lot of 200 or 400 strips for sale!

I use my FreeStyle promise card at the pharmacy and 250 strips cost me $15.00

Wow that’s incredible! is that the full price or is that your co-pay?? ive never heard of kaiser pharmacy!

That’s my discounted price from my Kaiser Permanente health ins.

There are two online pharmacies listed in our discounts section:
that offer good pricing for people with diabetes. If you follow the instructions on the discounts page, it explains how you can get additional discounts for being a TuDiabetes member (and they give back a portion of your purchase) to the Diabetes Hands Foundation (that runs TuDiabetes).

Hope this helps,

thank you so much! i didnt realize there was a discounts section on here- what a great resource!
i would love to get good discounts and then also get the addtional ones to help Diabetets Hands!

If you’re not particular as to the type of meter you use, I’ve found the WaveSense products have the cheapest strips by far. Amazon has boxes of 100 for $31…less than a third of the cost of OneTouch strips and even below most insurance copayments…

There is a program that I just found out about at our Diabetes support group in SC. Abbott makes a freestyle Lite and another frestyle meter. They are in Walmart for $18.50 or so with a rebate up to $40.000 on the box so they are free. Then you call Abbott at 1-866-246-2683 and sign up for a Freestyle Promise membership card. This acts as a primary or secondary RX insurance. If you have no insurance, it gives you a big discount on strips. If you have insurance, it drops down the co-pay. My Copay for 100 strips with the card was $10.00 Plus, the way the strips work, you don’t waste any. They have a two sided "touch area for the blood sample, and the smallest amount of blood needed that I have seen, .03ul The meter is designed so that you touch the blood droplet to one side or the other only of the strip (not both!). If there wasn’t enough blood, instead of an error message where you have to throw away the strip and use a fresh one at a great cost! You have up to 60 seconds to get more blood, either by squeezing the site more, ot using the lancet to get a better strike and larger amount. Then, you can keep touching the strip to the bloodlet until there is enough (The meter will beep) and then it gives the reading. NO WASTED STRIPS! Hope this helps, Jon

$50 for all that? Do test strips expire?

Abbot will just send you a meter free if you go to

Wow! That’s a great low price! Now where in Canada can people get such deals? Anyone know? Even though we have a great medicare program, a lot of people still don’t have insurance to help cover all this.

I order Maxima test strips online from American Diabetes Wholesale. For 200 strips plus meter, I paid around $70.00. For a cheap meter, the readings are consistent with my Accu Chek.

I use these to supplement when I need strips but it’s too soon to refill my script for my Accu Chek.

I also use my FREESTYLE card to purchase 300 strips supply through the mail. The only drawback is paying $40.00, then requesting a $25.00 refund. With the FREESTYLE CARD you have a $15.00 co-pay.

EBAY?? for real???

EBay is good but you need to watch out sometimes they sell them when the ex. Date is getting close to expire; but they have good deals walmarts good if you have a cheaper meter and have insurance

I have to say that I am truly Blessed! I have an Ultra Smart and my insurance company gives me my supplies. All of my strips and 90% of my lancets are covered.

I get almost everything through my pharmacy plan at the local Walgreens…I am lucky to have an extremely good plan.
Strips cost me $40 at the pharmacy for 400 and then DH’s work give up $30 back

One thing that I use a LOT that isn’t covered so I do shop around is my Glucose.
I really like the Dex4 Liquid Glucose and I find that I can get a pretty good price on those when I buy in bulk from DLife…I do wish they would come down price just a little more. Paying more than 1.50 per bottle of 15g of carb just seems INSANE to me BUT I do find that it works so well for my lows that Im willing to put out the extra cash.

Alcohol wipes I get from Sams Club! They are very cheap there!

hey stacey what pharmacy plan do you have with walgreens? that’s amazing!!!

as for the Dex4- i actually dont buy them anymore and put stuff like fruit rollups or something like that in my purse (that wont melt in the FL sun) the rollups i use are 12g carbs each. ive also used little boxes of raisins and natural/organic fruit leathers. they are really small and fit anywhere. they may not be as fast as the Dex4 but i usually catch myself before i get SO LOW that only the dex4 will be quick enuf!
might save you some money!