A great media article that explains how DIY looping works

This August 8, 2018, Bloomberg Businessweek story explains well how do-it-yourself looping works.


This story, set from the perspective of Kate Farnsworth and her 15-year T1D daughter, Sydney, provides a great explanation of how the DIY movement emerged and how it’s made a difference in people’s lives. Kate and her daughter live in the Toronto area.

Kate is one of the frequent responders on the Facebook group, Looped, who generously help people get their DIY systems set up as well as on-going maintenance. I follow this group to help me keep up with Loop, the system that I use. I am continually amazed at the technical competence and selfless spirit shown in this group.

I started on the Apple-based Loop system in November of 2016. I would not willingly use any other commercially-based system at this time. Other looping systems include OpenAPS and AndroidAPS.

Getting a loop-able older pump remains the toughest hurdle to setting up one of these systems at this time. People do continue to find these pumps, however.

Here are links to the documents that detail system requirements and set-by-step instructions.

Loop - LoopDocs
OpenAPS - Welcome to OpenAPS’s documentation! — OpenAPS 0.0.0 documentation
AndroidAPS - https://github.com/MilosKozak/AndroidAPS/wiki


Terry, thanks so much for the article. And as you said getting a pump is the biggest hurdle right now. And as much as I would love to be looping, because I have seen many graphs of people using one of 5ese systems. It is very impressive. So while I wait, I think I will be going with the Tandem X2 in a few months. At least I will have a predictive low suspend feature with a G6 integration. And I will eagerly wait for the closed looped pumps currently in trial. Because you know how well those of us with diabetes wait! Been waiting for 47 years! That cure is coming!?

Will the X2 also add insulin when glucose is expected to range high? I think if I were not on the DIY Loop, I’d likely be getting an X2 as well.

I think I will be looking at X2 as well.

No, unfortunately it doesn’t! But when I saw my doctor last month, we discussed my need to lower than higher (hate the feeling of highs-very bad memories of my coma at diagnosis and will do anything not to feel like that again!). I do tend to ride that low line and I ride it prolonged than I should. So if this pump can head them off before I get there, it will take my ingrained thinking from getting in the mix. And for those stubborn highs, I have my Afreeza on my kit. I don’t use it a lot but it is like magic for me when I do mess up and hit those high numbers.
As I have said before, I so want and need the iLet pump! That is the one I am waiting for! I mean if it works great with kids at summer camp! So I’m sure it could handle my lifestyle just fine!
And are we going to see you and Norm in San Diego?!

Yes, we’ll be there. I’m looking forward to the TCOYD T1D retreat! See you soon.

Me too! It puts a smile on my face thinking about it! See you soon!

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Thank you for the link! I’m going to bookmark it for reference later on. I’d really like to try the Loop, but I don’t have an old pump that would fit the bill. I’ve only used OmniPods. I understand you can purchase old pumps for this purpose, but I have concerns doing that. Perhaps I’ll overcome them someday/way! @Terry4 you’re a great ambassador for looping!

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Just be aware of delays due to inventory backlog. So don’t set your expectations on same week delivery of the GYM.

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