A is for Falling Leaves, Halloween, Cotton Candy, oh and Apples!

This season is such a fun one. The leaves are turning and falling when wind takes them for a spin. My walks are a kaleidoscope and ever changing day by day. We have a pretty crazy Haunted House gig in my 'hood. The trails to the lake are fraught with scares, and closed for now which is a for real Boo for me! Pumpkins are popping up every dang where, and of course people are enjoying all the joys of pumpkin spice. I just like to carve the things, not a fan of eating or smelling them. The outside scents of the season are incredible, the pinion is delicious but my favorite scent is the tree that smells like Cotton Candy. I learned it is Katsura. We don’t have one of those…yet. And oh, the Apples! Every few weeks a new crop comes into the stores. I never had a favorite until I was introduced to Opal last year. So now I am watching and waiting for the arrival of those delights. May your Autumn or Fall season be pleasant, and fun, and spooky, and may you be Happy and Well.


This popped up when I rolled in to TuD today! And those Opal apples are ready to eat…they are being harvested right now!! Happy new season everyone :sunny:


Just finished off a bag of Honey Crisps, will have to look for Opals. Why not, October is my birthday month with opal as the birthstone. Happy Autumn, Karen!

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