Changes of color and light and making the best of it all

I want to say something so embarrassing about September that even the leaves start blushing and turning red.” ― Jarod Kintz,

Because I prefer to be outdoors and find reason to be, I am ever aware and appreciative of the seasons and their offerings. So now we are in the season of Fall, and it is cooling off some and the rain is more often, the leaves are showing promise of the red side of the color wheel, and the scents of the trees after a good rain are pure pleasure (assuming you don't have allergy).

We still have some produce working in our garden (I spoil us with my farming skills - ha ha) but the season is ending. Still there are peppers, beets, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, tomatoes, and the occasional zucchini that can be picked and enjoyed, or put in a sack and stored for later. The apples and pears that are grown on the property are all done and eaten but for three little apples (aka snacks). This year was a bumper crop and so sharing was a beautiful gift of that harvest. I do love apples. Thankfully, there are plenty of store bought options for apples since apples are harvested in the fall and so they are fresh and crispy. October is the definition of Apple in my book. No matter how old I get, I will always have a Halloween party that has a tub where folks bob for apples!

Putting the garden to rest is an activity that makes me a little bit sad. It is necessary though. Fortunately, it brings a free work out that can be fun, is full of unplanned calisthenics, so it is like a free gym and health spa AND it provides feelings of joy and accomplishment.

Fall is the perfect time to plan for next year. Plant some trees, I recommend ones that produce food. Get out in the dirt, divide your favorite things, and spread them around. Take in the late sun and enjoy the warm on your face.

And prepare for winter. The leaves will have stopped falling and blushing and will be needing the rake. This is the next season's very best garden exercise and healthy activity and winter chore that will earn a good stew! That is when those turnips, rutabagas, beets, and potatoes are going to be dinner.

Enjoy your fall :)

My favorite season, Fall. Tomatoes are still ripening. I can't eat too many (they spike me), but my husband makes tomato paste that is incredible and just a little bit is a base for all kinds of things since it is so rich.

The tall sedums are my main fall color in the flower garden---I worked 3 years to get a fantastic array of mums in earthy colors massed just right in a couple places---and then, phooey---the flooding winter of 2006 happened and they all just rotted in my heavy Oregon soil. I was devastated. Thanks for reminding me that it is worth trying again---worth the effort for this wonderful time of year!.....

Karen--I've been thinking about starting a gardening group here. What do you think? A lot of us do garden and it comes up in other discussions. And I know it has given me a reason to get up the morning after a bad day.....Blessings...Judith in Portland...

Beautiful post, Karen. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Karen, as Christopher said, this is a beautiful post. Our yard is colorful as fall progresses and our Oak trees turn; right now the Sassafras trees are lovely. We have so much shade with our trees that all we can grow is a few herbs--chives, rosemary, oregano, and one spicy Arugula--no veggies. Seasonally, there is a lot of local produce to buy though. Our containers of petunias are winding down, but should be pretty until the first frost. We have Hostas and planted a few petunias, impatience and begonias in sunny spots; all this was enough to keep a pair of Hummingbirds in nectar (with a little help from my nectar containers) while they were here. The last two young Hummers migrated this week--a sure sign that autumn is here! We celebrated fall this weekend with homemade pumpkin soup.

Your post is a great reminder that even though we often get lost in the diabetes minutia and the pursuit of so many things life offers, sometimes it's just as important to slow down and drink in the subtle beauty nature bestows upon us.

Today was sunny and warm and the trees smelled like just baked cookies! Or maybe someone was baking cookies as I blazed by their place. Ha ha .... I do love the smells of each season. Thanks all for your kind replies and for joining me in my seasonal meanderings :)

September has always been a complicated month for me!

The smells and sounds of late summer leading into early fall always evoke memories (mostly good, some bad) of change from past Septembers in surprising ways.

Karen, beautiful post. I hope in the future you might make posts like this to our blog section. We are always welcoming of great bloggers and this is certainly a great blog. perhaps you can join us in that area and bless us with your talents.

As for Fall, ahh well its OK with me. I guess I am a glass half full guy. The best thing about Fall for me are the movie premiers in November and December. Then of course contemplating the Oscars in March. So I guess you can say I appreciate spring more, but Fall does have its attractions, seen any good movies lately? LOL