Howling and Snarfing to the Moon!

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon! A favorite full moon for me because it is a harbinger of summer time and living outdoors and having the sun stay out until the news comes on. Oh, and there are strawberries fresh and scrumptious from the garden! This is what I am having for supper to celebrate. If you don’t grow your own, I bet the grocer has some. Enjoy :yum:


Yes, Karen! One of my rituals every January is to set up my next-year calendar with full moons and their names. About 4 years ago my wonderful neighbor’s strawberry plants began their spread under the fence into my yard. Now they are bearing beautifully. Even on Amtrak from Portland to San Jose to see my kids last week strawberries were offered with every meal! Berries are the only fruit that doesn’t give me a big spike, so I’m in heaven. Only thing better is blueberry season and best of all, raspberry season. Right now, I love a mix of strawberries and blueberries with almond milk and a dollop of cream and maybe a drop or two of stevia!..


And I also look forward to the first cherry tomatoes, warm from the sun, so juicy and full of flavor!


Fresh strawbabies from the garden with organic, pasture raised whipping cream…and a chunk of cheese for protein. I was right there celebrating this full moon with you, @karen57 :relaxed:

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:slight_smile: Strawbabies! That made my day, thanks for the sweet smile!!