A Keto Food Search Engine!

Hey guys,
just stumbled on new app which is called Nutrita App! They introduced the first low-carb and keto food search engine. Foods are given 3 scores derived from their in-house scoring system, making it clear what foods are right your for health and performance goals!
Thought it would be incredibly useful for this community to share this!

Hey Penza:

Welcome to our community. The app I use is Carb Manager which appears to have many of the same functions and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is also a great tool to properly balance food and insulin needs.

Hey CJ114! thanks :slight_smile: I will definitely check it out, does it also have an insulin index?

It is more numbers than graphics oriented. Pie chart shows % Carbs/Protein/Fat but numbers give you carbs/Net Carbs/Fiber/Fat/Protein/Calories and Glycemic Load which all read out automatically when number of servings are entered and then it will post to each meal. Also gives a Keto Grade which is very useful to adjust insulin dose. Also tracks water intake/steps Carbs/Macros etc by day/week/month.

You can set goals and it will track how close you are to your goals too.

That’s awesome thanks for the detailed response, I will definitely check it out!

I use Carb Manager, too. Free, easy, you can set it for your stats, use it every day.