A letter from animas

I was told by someone in a local pumpers group that animas will be going out of the pump business. I never received the letter but i was told that the letter is online. i was given the link and here it is explaining all of it.


thought i share it for those who do use the animas pump. i have no idea when the pump will no longer be viable for service, etc. but wanted to give a heads up.

on a side note, it seems that the site has changed. there are no longer groups! i was in a bunch of them long time ago including the one i started. the lada group

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9/19 is the supposed end date for supplies being available. Infusion sets of course, less of an issue than cartridges For those of us with a brand new Ping, we lose two years of warranty. Medtronic, and Insulet (Omnipod) have offers out there if you want to get out of the Animas pump now. So does Tandem. There is a nice Animas grou
p on Facebook, and still Animas pumpers here!!

im most likely going with tandem (tslim pump). the only thing i dont like about it is that they dont have military time. the animas does lol. i would want to get out of the pump now to save time in trying to get the supplies. i have supplies now for the pump. ill have to tell CCS (the company i get my supplies from) that the animas will be going out of business so they may want to watch their supplies that they have currently. not sure if they get them from animas itself. i just got supplies after waiting for 2 months on medicare to approve the supplies. i never got the official letter…i had to read it online after someone in the pumpers group i am in that is local said something about it. its a shame as i like animas. been with them since 2010

I have always love my Animas pumps. Been on them maybe 14 years? On and off. Supplies supposedly will be out there for awhile but making a plan now is a good idea. We’ll keep going!!!

i always keep going…i think once i hear from the rep of tandem ill then update ccs. may change by the time i finish up the animas supplies. dont want them to go to waste. i have till march of next year to switch to tandem as that is the deadline for animas users. i always plan ahead…it keeps me grounded and on top of things

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well looking at the fine print when i was looking at the sheet for animas users, if you have medicare and medicaid your not eligible. if you live in the state of massachsuetts and one other state your not eligible. i guess im not eligible to switch over.

@Amy2 - If this is the pump you want, I would suggest call their customer service and ask them what options they have. Maybe they can find a way to make it work?

I hope so…im waiting to hear from them…hopefully ill hear from them soon. ill see what they have to offer and hope i can make it work out. it will be easy to get the new transmitter for it. the medical supplier i use for my dexcom so that will be set. it will be the other stuff. sigh ill def have to find out what they can do