Animas shutting down

I need some ideas. I am using the Animas pump and got the notice that they are shutting down. As I see it the only other two choices are meditronic and omnipod. First of all is that correct? Does anyone know advantages/disadvantages of both? I am tempted by the Omnipod because I wouldn’t have to deal with tubing getting snagged on dressed knobs, well you know.


Tandem is another option.

There is also Tandem.

Medtronic has been around for ages, and makes a durable pump. I personally dislike the new 630G and 670G - but that is a subjective opinion. The 670G has “artificial pancreas” capabilities - basically, it shuts down your basal if you go low, and theoretically increases basal if you go high.

I like that Omnipod (which I use now) has no tubes. That is the biggest advantage. I dislike their 1980’s PDM technology to control it - and their newest version (due out late this year) is not much better because it is just a locked down Android phone (Again, a subjective opinion).

I like the Tandem pumps, due to their upgradeability and ability to talk to the Dexcom G5. But again, you have tubes in exchange.

Overall, I like the tubeless pump Omnipod has.

Thanks guys. I also contacted Tandem. I invited them to also make a case for why I should go with them.


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Here is what my CDE had to say:

I did get your earlier email but wanted to be able to give myself a little time to write. We are very disappointed that Animas is going out of business. We have been given info that the supplies will be available for two years for the Animas pump from Medtronic if you stay on that pump.

I can’t remember if your dexcom is linked to your pump or not. Tandem has a pump that holds 450 units. It is a good pump. Their smaller pump is linked to the dexcom but their larger pump is not. The Tandem T-Slim uses touch screen and is rechargeable instead of using batteries.

The OmniPod holds the same as Animas (200 units). It has no tubes. The OmniPod company is offering a “welcome program” for customers to try their product if interested. It requires a credit card number be given so I am not sure how that would affect you. I can send you a flyer if you are interested. The omnipod is not linked to a continuous sensor but many wear both of them.

The Medtronic pump has interesting technology and hopes to monopolize the market but their sensor seems to have issues with accuracy. The 670G which is the closed loop system is not approved for RU500. That pump actually has an algorithm that calculates basal rates based on blood sugars but not with the RU500.

Dr. B doesn’ give opinions on the pumps. If you would like to talk to the reps from the companies they will be here for a class on Thursday, 9/26. People new to pump therapy come at 9 and folks that are choosing a different pump from one they have been on come at 10. If you are interested let me know and I will get you on the list.

That would be cool to go to that class. How can I get on the list?

I am afraid you have to live in the Louisville area and be a patient of my doc.