A little about myself

hellooo. my name’s danielle and I’ve had diabetes for 8 years. I’m currently on the pump, which definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. I try really hard to keep my sugar under control, but with my school and work schedule and trying to not go low and trying to not go high, it can get really difficult. (as you all know). I also find it difficult whenever I want to lose some weight…does anyone else experience this problem?.. Anyway, I decided to join this thing to meet other people who have diabetes and maybe get some feedback and ideas. I love going out and having a good time with my friends, maybe even having a drink here and there, but it’s time to get serious about my diabetes. I haven’t had tight control in a while, (my last A1C was like 8 or 8 point something…) and I’m ready to get healhty and back on track. So I look forward to talking with everyone and seeing what you’ve been through, and maybe getting some new ideas on how to better control my diabetes. Thanks everyone!