A Little Bit About Me

Hi Everyone. My name is Cin. I have been a T1 for almost 24 years and a pumper since October 2007. I live in NC with my husband and daughter. I work in a clothing store as an Accessory Dept Supervisor.
My journey began possibly much like so many others. Had all of the “classic” symptoms. Also had recurring ear infections that would go away briefly, only to return with a vengence. My mom had our family doctor to run tests. Blood test showed diabetes, no urine test, BG was high enough to warrant T1 diagnosis. Here’s where things got bad. Family doctor (no experience with T1’s, a few T2 patients) decided to try using an oral diabetes drug, Dymelor (funny I should remember that after all of this time). Went for 1 year completely out of control. Ended up in DKA and very near death. Started insulin (NPH and Regular) in 1985. Been battling control ever since. Currently, only complication besides high A1C’s is mild retinopathy. Optho says it is not a big concern at the moment. Hoping to get to the bottom of why my bgs don’t match up with my A1C’s.
Well, that’s about all. Thanks for allowing me the privilege of becoming a member here.

Hello Cin let me welcome you. Just by chance I happen to know a Cin on another board, she is also in NC. I am just wondering if you might be her on diabetesforums.com?

Hmmmmmm…Steve. Anything is possible. LOL. Yep, it’s me. I can be found there, here, and other places.

Hi Cin, I also live in NC…I am in Troutman…not far from you. I was diagnosed in 1970. I also wear a pump. The minimed 522. I have worn a pump for 25 years or so. I started on it when I was pregnant in 1983. Things have drastically improved with the pumps over the years.