A lovely day with Zoe

I just got back from Sacramento (I live in Reno) after spending a lovely day with Zoe. For starters, the weather was pleasant -- warm, but not unbearably hot. We recognized each other immediately, and sat for a while in a nice little coffee house, and fell to talking immediately. It turns out that we have a lot in common, as well as some complementary differences. Of course, we did talk about diabetes, but that was not all of it by a long shot. We took a walk through the Sacramento History Museum, and it turns out both of us loved the artistic things, like an exquisitely beaded bag, a very fancy dress with a tiny waist (which neither of us could POSSIBLY have fit into, LOL! But the reason for the tiny waist is that ladies back then wore extremely tight corsets, and were actually deformed by them), and some beautiful Indian baskets. But mostly, we talked. Then we had lunch at an Asian restaurant which had Indonesian and Chinese food. I had some wonderful fried tofu pockets stuffed with chicken and vegetables, and covered with a spicy peanut sauce. It was delicious, and I'd like to try making that at home -- I know where to get fried tofu, and all I need to do is learn to make the peanut sauce.

On the way there, my car was making funny noises, and I was kind of worried about it, but it turns out that it was just a part of the undercarriage that was hanging down -- I already know that I damaged it by running over a piece of truck tire tread that I couldn't avoid, and thought I'd gotten it fixed, but turns out there was another piece. So the good news is that although it made noise all the way home, I can go get it taken care of easily tomorrow. And order a new undercarriage cover too.

So this isn't particularly about diabetes, but it does show how lovely it is to meet someone in person that I first met online right here on TuD! :-)

that's great! sounds like you had a great time :) I saw an exhibit at the met a few years ago.. couldn't believe the corset clothes etc. I would never have survived if I had lived in those times.. I hate tight clothes and too many clothes... lol

Love your description of your lovely Day with Zoe :)

lucky you! glad you guys are close enough to get together!

How great that two of my favorite TuD friends have met in one of my favorite "wish to go to areas" ..Wish I could have been there. It sounds grand!!!

God bless,

so glad you had such a wonderful time

I rarely read blogs but read this one and gotta say, "Me too!" I saw Natalie coming down the street and knew her right away. It's amazing how you can chat, chat, chat with no awkward silences with someone you've never met. So nice to have a new friend, Nat!

New/old friend, Zoe! :-)

I've been fortunate to have this experience a couple times in far away places and twice here in Portland. It is always moving and wonderful.....

Lovely post, Natalie. I did enjoy reading about this special day for you and Zoe.