A New drug has helped me

OKay. here’s the deal. I have had T1 diabetes for 4 years. I have had leg pain, neuroapthy in my upper calves for 2 years. I was also strating to develop burning and pain in both of my hands I used to be on Lyrica for the pain. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic muscular pain and fatigue issue. I was on Cymbalta for the symptoms of that. Over the summer I finally got off both of those drugs as I could no longer stand the weight gain that came with them plus the insulin from my pump. It was all adding to my depression.

A few months ago my primary physician told me about a new drug approved that may treat my Fibro. It’s called Savella. I was very concerned that the burning would retun in my limbs, but I tried it anyway. After several months I can assuredly tell you that I have reduced pain from my fibro and NO pain or burning from the neuropathy. On occassion I do take a Tramadol for severe pain, but as I said that is rare now.

More people shouldl know about this medication and that is why I am sharing this story. Please ask your doctor about it if you still suffer with pain and your current regimine is not working.

Best wishes, Rebecca Bryant

I joined TuDiabetes about two days ago, although i don’t have diabetes,i do have a diabetes related illness which is peripheral neuropathy. I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis,but my doctor says i dont have diabetes. i have had some minor blood tests, but have not been given a fasting blood test.For my neuropathy i take gabapentin and duloxetine, and for the arthritis and fibromyalgia i take baclafen and solpadine, i used to take tramadol, but when i started taking gabapentini had to go back on co-codamol as i could not take tramadol with gabapentin. I will ask my doctor about Savella, but i wont hold my breath cos our doctors are not always as caring as your doctors are,. I live alone since my daughter went out to live in The States, and i have to do everything myself,inside the house and outside. I do all my own housework and gardening, although there are times when it is a great effort but my doctor told me to keep pushing myself to do things so my bones don’t get set, but my neighbour said you couldn’t believe i had so many things wrong as i don’t show it cos i keep so active. I used to go line dancing and keep fit but i had to give up because of arthritis in my feet, so last year i had swimming lessons and now a friend and i go swimming instead

I have asked my pharmacist about savella and he said he has never heard of it here, if the pharmacist hasn’t heard of a drug i bet the doctor hasn’t either as the pharmacist knows more about drugs than the doctor. I hope to visit my doctor tomorrow and i will ask him about savella but i bet he fobs me off with some excuse cos he doesn’t know about it.

Did you look it up on the web? It’s there. Print off te info and take it to your doctor. I swear to you that it has changed my life. Don’t give up! Try another pharmacy. Best wishes. Rebecca