A new group/reference for T1DM bodybuilders and powerlifters

Started a new group to try and bring together a lot of the posts in the forum about body building and powerlifting with T1DM.

Experienced lifters and novices are all welcome. I would like this to be a reference place and not an area to flame or criticize people for their techniques. Novices please do not think that you know everything compared to some of the people, like me, who have been lifting for 15+ years.

I would also like to set up a comprehensive supplement review and how each effects blood sugar levels.

This blog can also be a place for people to post progress photos. I will do this later as well just to get things started.\

Anything else or suggestions for topics for the forum or for me to blog about, please ask!


The group photo is me this past summer after going through a semi-cutting session.

Hey - great group! I’m a competitive powerlifting and have Type 1 diabetes. I’ve set about 15 records in the past two years…but recently found out I have a torn disc (L5) so I’m off the iron for a bit!

But here are a couple links to some of my powerlifting shtuff:



www.youtube.com/user/gingervieira …if you scrolll down to older vids, there are training/competition vids.

Nice to meet you!


VERY cool! I have to have my shoulder scoped soon, but I’m just going to go until I can’t move it. I know about the rehab stuff, 5 knee surgeries and reconstructed thumb resulting from college football.