im new here, actually ive only been a member for a solid 3 minnutes or so. i have not found a thread dedicated to the above discussion title and i think we should have somthing for the people… share awayyy

I am an avid powerlifter. I haven’t always been good about the cardio part of my routine, but have slowly beefed it up since being diagnosed. I am not interested in massive weight gain or becoming ripped or cut, I just like the strength part of it. although, as I age, the strength gains are harder to achieve. I am 33 and find myself working ten times hard than even five years ago, just to maintain. I really like the GNC Pro Performance Chewable Creatine tablets. I do a load cycle every 30 days, then maintain by taking one before a workout and one after. I don’t supplement with anything else, the creatine works great for my needs. I am a high school teacher and have spent many years in the weight room at school, and the kids keep me going. They push me to work hard, sometimes I think I would give it up if not for them. I’ve attached an old pic of me about a year ago. How about you? What’s your workout routine like?
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hey chris, im a powerlifter myself, im 20 and have really only been doing it for two years. i cant do all of the powerlifting workouts because of an automobile accident i was in a year back. so i mainly focus on bench and squat since my deadlift its out of the picture do to muscle tears in my lower back. i suppliment but mostly focus on being healthy before i mess with any of the other stuff. i take a multi, zma, flaxseed, cinnimon, just the staples in my opinion but as far as my lifts go i really only take protein and a preworkout. i am currently thinking and researching a product called novedex xt which is a test booster but im gonna talk to my endo before i go ahead and cycle it. being a powerlifter for many years have you ever tried anything like this?

hey renee, theirs really no magic pill anyone can take to achieve getting ripped. being healthy, dedicated, a good diet and sleep is what is going to get him their. is he having problems gaining muscle? or losing weight?