A New Start

It's been almost three years since I found myself in the hospital at the age of 21 with a new diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. They went on and on about how it was Type 1.5 blah blah blah. All I knew was that I was now dependent on insulin and needed it for the rest of my life. So began my new adventure :)

It had also been only a month since I started dating my boyfriend, Craig. So there we were, infatuated with each other, in the hospital, with me now having to do daily shots. I believe that it made us stronger and showed me who he was as a person. It also made me know how strong he was when I broke down crying when the CNA couldn't get the blood pressure machine to work. He didn't leave or walk away and later, when she was bothering me at 3 AM, she told me how I needed to keep him.

4 months after that, I begged my endocrinologist for a pump. I couldn't stand the Lantus. So began my journey with the Omnipod pump. At first, I loved it! Not having shots, having my meter calculate my bolus. It was wonderful. Occasionally, I would have a pod error but I would just call them up and they would send a new one. Things were fine.

Until my dad lost his job, thus leaving me insurance-less. Good thing for mothers who put me on her plan right away. However, insurance companies really don't care that your last company paid for a pump you already use. Unless it falls under their definitions of durable, they won't cover it. Well, I wasn't going to let that happen. After many phone calls, speaking to higher ups, and lots of frustration, I got to keep my pump until April of 2012. And by then, I would have a job of my own, be almost through my Masters degree and on my way to being an independent person with my own career as a teacher.

Or so I thought. Finally, December came along, fewer and fewer pod boxes were left and I decided to begin the battle of insurance companies once more. Sure enough, I was faced with the same situation. No one knew what Omnipod was, no one knew where I could get supplies and no one knew who paid for it. I was through. I threw my hands up and gave it.

So here we are, beginning of February and I am currently wearing a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm insulin pump. I'm still getting used to being attached to a device my a tube but I must say, I am super excited to see where the next few years takes me and how my diabetes will be better under control now that I can benefit from a CGM sensor as well!

To be continued...

Thanks for posting this Caseylynn. I love your upbeat attitude.

Thanks, Sternwinder! I figure I don't have a choice but I'll admit it's not always easy :)

Best of luck! How do you like it compared to the omnipod? Do you still have the same boyfriend now? I’m sure you will love it. I’m on the animas ping. I wish I could get a CGM but my insurance won’t pay for it, no exceptions, no appeals.

Oh, Renka. I feel your pain with insurances. That was the main reason I switched from the Omnipod; no insurance wanted to pay for it. And even if they really did pay for it, finding the person that knew the right company to get the supplies from took weeks. I gave up eventually. I've only had the MM for a week now and I love it. It is a lot easier to bolus when everything is right here. It took some getting used to having a device attached to me and I felt like a sick person for a while because I was attached with a tube. But now I don't mind at all. I'm excited to start my CGM! I have it but haven't started. I'll keep you posted!

And yes :) Same boyfriend. He is the best!

That’s great! Yes please keep me posted! I unfortunately have not been able to find someone who can handle the daily struggles of diabetes and my complications! :(. My bf and I just broke up. I’m ok though!

That is unfortunate! I wish you better luck in the future!