My Book Is Being Sold NOW!

The link below can be used to order my book. Follow the instructions to open a createspace account after you have used the password and entered the site below. A lady named Jan, on another site, was the first to buy the book. She says the total expense, including shipping, was less than $20. Look beneath the picture on the left of the site page to buy the book.

The password for entering the site is: DD157

My ISBN number is: 1450515967. It may not be activated yet. You can use this number to order the book from bookstores.

Let me know if there are any problems.


Note: I have been given permission to give this information.

I will be giving frequent updates on this thread.

Some of you have replied to my “Review Of My Book” thread today. The thread above is the one for buying my book. People on other sites have already ordered the book.

Hi Richard,
We just posted a link to this discussion topic on Twitter and Facebook.


Congratulations! Isn’t this exciting?! I like your marketing strategy. Man, 64 years - phew! I’m presently at 50 years. That’s what my autobiography is about. Take care…AK. P. S. If you’re in the Sacramento, CA, (Roseville specifically at the Simplie Indie Store) area, my book signing is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, 2010, between 1p and 3p. That would be so-oo-o cool if you were able to come by. Later…

Thanks Manny!! I appreciate that!

Hello A.K., I am in Kingston, NY. I guess we have both coasts covered. Lol!

that’s you!
I just red your bokk,I havw been wondering if you were here!
I red the first book.
congrats on the second.
I’m dying to read it,I liked the first one :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, we certainly do. Let’s teach 'em all a thing or two!

My book is about type 1 diabetes as well (though fiction love story, not auto-biography). I’m in CT. :slight_smile: Getting the word out!

Excellent! That’s it: “Get the word out.” And not just about the book and getting sales, but the stories about living with the disease. I encourage more and more people write and write and tell all about it - be a squeaky wheel - we’ll get the cure! AK.

Congratulations.Very happy we do have many writers in our community,here.Good luck