A Promise [Its a Journey] 2

This is a 2nd post and the last of the “Promise [Its a Journey]” episodes, if you missed the first one you can read it here.

In 2006 I met Emily and she flipped my life all over, a special one that I was lucky to have, she did and still do a lot of things for me to help me through life and to manage my diabetes more accurately. She wasn’t like any other ones that I know and met in the past, she reminds me to check my BG and to take insulin, as well if my BG was high it will work with me to reduce it and remind me to test after 2 hours, if it was low she will yell at me to eat some sugars and remind me again to test my BG so that she make sure that am above the hypo danger. I can’t find enough words to describe her, she is my soul mate, my heart, my best friend, my partner. She stands beside me no matter how much I screw up, will leave me to eat what I want to and help me to figure out the carbs count. Emily you are my true love.

Even if I have too many diabetes complications, with you Emily I can hold and fight back, you gave me hope for a long live life, you are the reason that my complications are steady and not going worse. THANK YOU

Can you guess who is Emily?

The Promise:

As what you read my complications all started when I didn’t care of Mr. D (Diabetes). It started one and slowly, if I cared from the first time I wouldn’t be where am I right now, having 4 complications.

You need to promise your self that you will do your best in caring about Mr.D, patience and persistence are keys in caring.

Cure will come, but until then you need to take care of you body, since the cure well be for Mr.D, but not for the complications!

Just trying to help and raise awareness