A Promise [It is a Journey]

I never knew the life without D, was Dx at the age of a year and a half. Don’t have that much memories, am really bad at remembering stuff. But am sure that my parents suffered a lot just in caring and helping me out through all my Diabetes years.

During my teenager age, I had my time of not caring and not listening, most of the time my BG was in the range of 300-400 and I barely test my BG to notice or even my parents to notice it, I tested like one a week or even less. Since my routine at that time was just to take a 40 unit of insulin injection (which is different than regular shots or pen) without counting or even testing. Used to take it 3 times a day after each meal. As a result from that madness, I started having complications with my eyes, on my first visit to the eye doctor I was prescribed glasses.
And did I change or be more worried!!! Unfortunately NO, during the 90’s I had a problem with one of my Kidneys and later on High cholesterol. After that I started caring LITTLE bit more, but since I grow up just having the injections without counting or testing, it didn’t make a huge different.

In 2004 I was diagnose in having a beginning of Ritnaphothy and Neurophathy, tried more harder to controlling the D, but didn’t help much until 2006 when I met Emily.

I don’t want to make it longer since I don’t read long blogs my self (My bad). But if you are interested in knowing more and who is Emily…Stay tuned for the next episode

I think I know, too…

Its sad that you were so young. And treatment of D has come a long way in the last 25 yrs. I’m sorry about ur complications = ( but I think you know realize the importance of keeping up with the latest stuff. I wish you a lot of luck. I don’t know who Emily is ? Lol.

I’m like you - having had diabetes so long - I can’t really remember much of when I was younger like you. I was a holy terror to my Mum - I think she thought she’d been given a prison sentence sometimes having me as a child. I can’t wait to hear about Emily - you’ve got me all curious!!!

Joanne, Sorry for the Late Late Reply, Emily is my pumpy :slight_smile:

Anna, aaaaaaa your shouldn’t be curious! Since the second post is already posted, but is lost in the blogs crowd!! lol