A question about "Pen's" for Byetta insulin etc

Hi All,
This is the end of my first month on Byetta. My understanding is we’re supposed to toss the pen (after 30 days) and use the next one.
Question : If there is still some left can I go ahead and finish it?
Is it the same if you use insulin pens?
Thanks ahead:)

Yea they say to toss the pen after 30 days, its also on their website… I know b/c I was researching it for myself… have u experienced the side affects? I was scared after hearing about the nausea and stomach issues… has it worked for you?

I dont know:) Today is actually day 31 for me. So I took the shot anyway. I still have a bit left; I’m gonna go ahead and use it tonight.Now that I look at it; I might get tonight and tomorrow morning out of it. Which would only be one dose extra. If I were taking it once a day… then, I’d have 30 more days!hmmm… Have to see when I get there. Right now, my bloodsugar range has dropped to averaging 120 - 135 for the past month. Before Byetta it was 150 - 200!


With the insulin pens, they will often last more than 1 month if a person uses a small dose, though eventually they will die.

With Byetta, because you use a set dose, they probably don’t put a lot more than a month’s worth (plus some for the air shots) in the pen. But you probably can get a few more days out of each pen. It’s not like there’s some kind of fuse set that blows the stuff up after 30 days.