This ain't cheap!

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Hello everybody;

I have a wishy-washy insurance plan. Dr. put me on Victoza today. It's going to cost me $150 per month after my insurance coverage. I'm on a tight budget, and will have to discuss this with my Bride.
Now, the pharmicist informed me that, "Oh, if you aren't on the maximum dose, your pen will last longer than just a month!" Now I was under the impression that the pen, after initial use, had to be tossed after thirty days. Any one have any experience with this?


Hi James... You are right on both accounts.... Victoza is outrageously expensive and after a pen being opened for 30 days you do have to toss it. One pen btw will only last you 1 month at that dosage. Typically, your dosage will probably be upped anyways. I am at the next dosage 1.2 and 1 pen lasts about 2 weeks 2 pens for one month. My copay is currently $70 however, my husbands company is changing insurance companies and I won't be allowed to take it anymore as dictated by my new insurance company so it won't matter much longer for me. Its not been the miracle drug for me anyhow like it has been for so many others. Good luck to you! What meds have you been taking?

You will get 3 pens per box. Once you start using a pen, it is good for 30 days. Be sure to them refrigerated.

Hmph. Sophia... Do you use Victoza? I only get 2 pens in my box. I think if you are at the higher dosage you might require 3 pens. Its my understanding your dispensed from the pharmacy by your dosage not by the amount of pens.

Thanks Brigitte;

I had been on just diet and met, but, after ten years that just wasn't working well. I asked Dr. about insulin. He didn't like that possibility and put me on Diamicron three weeks ago. I found Tudiabetes, and Dr. B's 'Diabetes Solution' around the same time. I didn't like what I'd read about Diamicron and again asked about insulin; Dr. offered to put me on Vitoza. I got the script and the bill today; I'd been expecting to pay about $50.00 per month.

Right now my numbers are much improved, and Dr. thinks the diamicron is a real success. He wants me to have 60 - 70 grams of carbs per meal. I haven't been consuming that many for years, and had just went down to about 30 per day! If I mention the term, 'low-carb' around him he gets all twitchy! My biggest problem right now is that 'dawn phenom' thing, and I'm finding my numbers rising substantially between 'jammies & nappies', & 'Rise n' Shine'!

Thanks for the info; I'll quizz my pharmicist as to how many pens I would be expecting. If I get three, and at 1.2 that would last a month and a half, it might be plausible. Still, I do have to discuss it with my Bride.


I have been getting 3 pens per box since I started at the lowest dose. It may just be what is carried. I use Liberty Medical and get them delivered. My copay is the same no matter the dosage. Most people's is. So if they come in 2 or 3 pen boxes, better to get them from a place that gives you the 3 pen box and just don't refill as often. It will save money.

I'm on 1.2 and get 2 pens per box which lasts a month. I'm assuming that if I went to 1.8 I would get a box with 3, which would also last a month. Mine is $75 copay per month regardless of the dosage.

I was on 1.2 per day getting 2 pens then upped to 1.8 and getting 3 pens per box now. Without insurance I was paying $300.00 per month for the 2 pens and then it went up to $600.00 for the 3 pen box -- thankfully have insurance now and only costs $ 45.00 for the 3 pens at Walmart. I did find switching from Walgreens to Walmart saved me money. I take the Victoza in the evening to help with my morning highs. It does nothing for me if I take in the morning.

I just started on victoza and i received a card from my doc that i only have to pay 25 when my copay is 30. Check victozas website because if you don’t have a card there are certain pharmacies that you don’t need a card but still get the discount. Just a thought

I can't understand why a doctor would get "twitchy" about low carbs. I guess they would rather see you with high BG's. Metformin could help with Dawn phenom"

im on 1.8 2 pens per box 2 boxes