A Question for Kaiser Members

If you are a member of Kaiser and use a pump and/or CGM I have a question for you.

How do you get your supplies?

I use an Animas Vibe pump and a Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM. I am with Kaiser Northern California region.

Both Dexcom and Animas have told me I have to go through Kaiser to get my supplies filled (with my old insurance I contacted Dexcom and Animas myself first and then they contacted my insurance). So, I place my order with Kaiser and they contact Dexcom and Animas.

OK, that’s fine. But who do I place my order with at Kaiser? Obviously I get the prescription from my endo, but then who fills it? The pharmacy says it’s not them, but offered me no information on who to contact to fill my prescription for me when I need to order more supplies.

And I can’t seem to find this information on the web site either!

I sent an e-mail to member services asking for them to explain how this works for me and am still waiting for a reply.

Help, please. :confused:

I’d start out by contacting the Animas and Dexcom folks directly and asking for their assistance. They have a vested interest in insuring that you continue to use their products. And (I’ve made it no secret that) I trust the K-P system less further than I can toss a million kilos…

I did call Animas and Dexcom and all they could tell me is Kaiser has to be the one to contact them. But in any case I just received an e-mail from my endo explaining how it works and including the number I call when I need supplies.

I had Kaiser growing up (1990’s) and a very good endo, even if I was rebellious and didn’t do anything she asked of me. LOL. In 1998 I left Kaiser and then returned again in 2000. In the short time I was away Kaiser had changed so much, and for the worse. I left Kaiser again in 1997. When I got insurance again I chose Blue Shield because the only other option was Kaiser and I didn’t have fond memories.

But now I have to be with Kaiser again because of insurance costs going way up with Blue Shield.

I had some good doctors with Blue Shield, but overall I was very frustrated because I had to travel all over kingdom come to find decent doctors and the prescription coverage was half terrible and half awesome depending on your need.

In the end I have heard and experienced both good and bad things with all insurance companies and care providers. As you read my blog yesterday, you know I am less than happy with returning to Kaiser. But I really do hold hope that the kinks will work out and I will find a good endo again. My old endo from back in the '90’s is still working in the endocrinology department at my Kaiser, I am hoping to maybe be able to switch back to her. I know she is a good one.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to switch to your previous endo soon!

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I had Kaiser in Southern California and I just called their durable equipment number and they took care of everything. I’m sure your endo or CDE can get you the number, if they still do it the same way as I had to do it a few years ago.

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I have Kaiser in Oregon & I call the Durable Medical Equipment number. Your endo’s nurses shoild be able to give you the number, or it should be in the directory Kaiser sends you. You just call the number & provided your prescription is in your files they note down what you need & contact Animas & Dexcom. The supplies are then sent directly to you via Fedex or UPS.

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I have Kaiser in Hawaii, and as you discovered, pump and CGM supplies go through the DME department (the pharmacy should have told you that!). I have a great CDE though, who will facilitate all that kind of stuff if I need, and she’s the one I’m in contact with more than anyone else there. I imagine there are some great CDEs with California Kaiser too?

I’ve actually been overall happy with Kaiser coverage for the past 2 years, with the exception of their diabetes supplies coverage, which is only 50%. I’m grateful to have any at this point, after a time when I couldn’t get insurance (pre-Obamacare…)