A question on types of diabetes

I know this is an odd question; :slight_smile: just consider the source:)
I’m not under Dr care. I got my glucometer when I was pregnant almost 3 years ago now. I just test cuz I know that my numbers say I am diabetic.
On my own, I’ve basically figured out how to eat to keep my numbers in “sorta control” by that I mean that I always have
a morning high. When I get up my number sits between
135 and 165 any given morning.( I guess it depends on what I ate and what I did the night before.) example go for a walk, or being intimate with my hubby)
Always for lunch, numbers are between 120 and 150. again depends on what I ate for breakfast. :slight_smile: If I eat something like an omelet I’m good for a 120. If I add toast; I’m good for 150! LOL! leave the bread alone as it will kill me!
Lunch normally consists of eggdrop soup or salads or hummus with sliced cucumbers … stuff like that. Sometimes chili with cheese:)
For dinners, my numbers run from 95 to 135.
Most dinners consist of Eggplant parmesan 9 frozen dinner at Walmart for $2.98 or a couple of Spicy blackbean burgers or salads… sometimes what ever the family is eating minus the any pasta/rice/ eany refined grains. ( they will always kick my number high.)
Ok FORBID that I tried to eat any “normal foods as my numbers when be over the limit!” as in somewhere around 4oo to the sky and heavens above:D LOL! Ok so based on that info I “think” I am definitely "diabetic.
Example: Last night we went out to a family rest. I ate from the buffet. :smiley: I did great til desert. I had fried greenbeans (southern dish - it’s fresh greenbeans with onions sauteed)
Breaded deep fried shrimp, I went for the steamed broccoli but it was cold! Grrr!! and a dinner roll. Then the desert bar:D ok so I did the biggest no-no’s there. I snagged the sugar free cherry pie… and the keylime pie ( not sugarfree)
I sliced a thin piece of carrotcake without the frosting… then I roamed over and got a piece of the chocolare,fudgey, yummy brownie with chocolate icing. All said and done.
I shared most of it with my 12 yr and 11 yr old daughters.
still one hour later I was 240 and 4 hours from dinner I was 294. scared the livin daylights out of my hubby as he has never seen me test that high. ( actually I did one time… when he was in Iraq and I ate a whole chocolate snickers bar
by myself. that was 315… I never told him about it.) ok he activated Monday and I dont know what is in store for our lives just yet; but that really isnt part of this question.
I dont want to go to a dr because he is only a reservist and once he deactivates again we wont have ins anyway… so it isnt worth it to me.

Question : what type does that “class” me as?
Your opinions please?

If you dont take insulin, you almost have to be Type II. But gosh, i think you should go to the doctor while you have insurance. You dont have to stop eating all the ‘normal’ foods if you are on proper medication. The risks by not being properly diagnosed and running high like that greatly increases your chances for complications which i am sure you are aware of, but in case you are not - Blindness, Amputation of extremities, and Kidney Failure. If you dont want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

There are many Type II’s i know that take meds and still eat whatever they want and their A1c’s are under 6.0.

I don’t know that it matters what type you are, you really need to see someone to get this under control. If you continue with numbers like that, you’re going to have complications and then you won’t have a choice about seeing a doc. I’m technically a Type 1 as I’ve got the antibodies, but I’m still making insulin so I can actually not take my injection and stay below 300 if I eat something w/ less than 30 gms of carbs. However, I will end up in the high 200’s and stay there for hours, and I really really hate that feeling. If you’re a Type 1 adult-onset, you won’t be able to ignore it forever. Eventually your beta cells will be gone and you’ll go into DKA. I highly suggest you get tested to find out. I understand it’s practically impossible to pay for if you don’t have insurance, but you really need to see a doc.

Also, anything fried will be loaded w/ carbs b/c of the breading.

ugh… what is DKA? I thought that we were supposed to shoot for an A1C of between 4 and 5? ( and now they quit selling the A1C tests for home use. Grr!)
Last time I bought one I had to mail it in… (Bio-Lab somehting or other… they took forever to get my results back… I was 6.8.)
MeadowLark… sigh… hubby really wants me to go see a doc. I’m sooo much a chicken.:frowning:

DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis. It’s when you’re blood sugar is very very high and you have been breaking down fat and protein for energy use too long. It starts showing symptoms when you’ve got a certain amount of ketones in your urine.

With an A1C of 6.8, you are most likely a Type 2. Just for measure, I was 12.6 at diagnosis after only a couple of months of progressing symptoms. However, you still need to go to a doctor. You will most likely get put on metformin (is a very cheap drug and covered by insurance). And from your comment, sounds like you’re more afraid to go to the doctor than anything. It’s no big deal - you might actually feel relieved. I just read up on your page about your diabetic history and it sounds like you had a bad experience that’s keeping you from getting the medical help you need. I bet you will have a better experience this time around.

Here’s where I am “happy” I’m Type 1 - Type 2’s cannot just go out and eat anything they want and inject for it (OK - I don’t eat anything I want, I avoid pasta, rice and potatos now which is so sos os hard to do). You will definitely have to watch what you eat b/c you are probably insulin resistant, rather than not producing insulin. The more junk you eat, the harder it is for what insulin you make to do it’s job properly. You can look into the Bernstein diet, as that one uses low carbs but lets you eat all sorts of other food that is probably cheap at the grocery store. But it is seriously low carb.

Hope some of this helps. I got all the info above from researching diabetes over the last 3 months. IF you have any other questions, feel free to leave me a message.

Gotta get back to work now.


I only got as far in the message as what is DKA. From alot of passed experance I can tell you you DON’T want it! If I remmeber right and I don’t know of I do ( too sick at that time to even try) It’s when you drop sugar and protine in your urine and all I can tell you is your bs is really high and you will drink ANYTHING in your house then promply turn around and throw it up. You also smell like ruined fruit or really, really, sweet candy. I’ve also been told the smell comlng off my breath smells like alachol (ok don’t drink it and really can’t spell it) but I have to agree with everybody else while you got insurance get it under control! With what you have described it sounds like Type 2 but you need a Dr to tell you for sure.

LOL! I dont throwup… I got beat as a kid. I learned to never let my parents know that I felt even the slightest bit sick. ugh… I know not really funny: just the truth.
You’re right Kimberly. Alot of bad crap with Dr’s … sigh… and currently dealing with alot of crap from the kids Dr’s… I need to figure this mess out on my own.
I dont have enough time to run to Dr’s for me with all of their appts. It’s just not enough time between “Dr’s hours of offices being open.” and as well as them always trying to scare the crap out of me for what my body is doing to me.
right now…I’m scared. I had my bloodsugar number at lunch sitting at 120.
I ate homemade falafel with spaghetti sauce over it and 1/2 cup of lima beans.
I tested at 4 pm at 210. I’m not used to that. At 4:30 I tested at 186. :frowning:
I guess I will not eat dinner in order to get this number down… ugh

My husband has told me time and time again not to sound like I’m dying when I throw up but I can’t help it and am really good at projectile vomiting. My oldest daughter just went through this a month ago and said she turns into the exirodest. (whatever SP) One way to cut down on you highs might be to not eat any type of noodles Like sp or mac and cheese. I know from experance that any noodle of any kind will make my bs go up. Just a suggestion.

ok just to add it is now 5:44 pm and I tested again… 124! So now you can see what has happened today. I guess I’ll go eat my regular Frozen Dinner.
Eggplant Parmesan. sigh…

thanks Doris:) I gave up all pasta 3 years ago. I pretty much have given up on bread as well. ( I eat a slice of Ezekiel 4:9 bread from the healthfood store once in the while.) It is made from sprouted plants that are dehydrates then cut/ground up. Somehow, it does not make my bloodsugar number go up at all. I also am not able to eat rice or anything with rice in it. numbers go up.
By the way… I literally drink “some kind of liquid” all day long from the time I get up til I lay down.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you need to see a doctor. You owe it to your kids to take care of your health. Like Mollie said, you don’t want to mess around with blindness, kidney failure, or losing a foot.

I agree with the rest totally, Meadowlark. Go and see a doctor. Your levels sound pretty crazy to me, frankly. I realised from your page that you aren’t taking any oral medication. I think it’s necessary for you to either take an oral med, maybe Metformin because my endo says it’s the best med for treating T2, or even insulin so as to bring your sugars down.

Don’t wait until you have DKA to end up in the hospital because I know for sure it’s not the nicest thing to be on your way to a coma, lying in emergency and hooked up to all sorts of drips which are hydrating your body and helping to stabilise your electrolyte levels. Doris’ description of drinking all sorts of things before throwing it up is exactly what happened to me. I could down a can of juice and while walking home stop to throw up at the roadside; that’s how horrible it was. My sugars were 41mmol (720 to you) upon diagnosis and my A1C was 13.9.

One tip - read nutrition labels on your food! Frozen dinners may have hidden sugars in it, which means hidden carbs! I find it far better to have as much fresh food as possible, and even though when I eat out my sugars tend to be a bit higher, I still find myself within 4-8mmol at all testing times, even post-prandial, which is a good thing! With regard to diet, you should also be cutting out stuff like gravies and sauces because that’s where carbs come from. Also, if you consume things with a considerable fat content, your blood sugar spike might come much later after you have your meal.

To be fair, DKA is mainly a type 1 thing. But MeadowLark doesn’t know what type of diabetes she has. It could be 1.5. Which is another good reason to see a doctor. If it’s type 1.5, you may be able to keep some insulin production if you start treatment sooner rather than later.

Ok “Tudiabetes Family” back me up.
I just called my husband and asked him when he would find out the details so that I
could go see a dr.
I’m scared.
MeadowLark… see my blog for initial feelings and my constant “pertinacity.”

Good for you! Knowing the truth is less scary than always wondering.

Way to go Meadowlark. Seeing the doc is the right thing. I really wasn’t very upset when I first found out that I was a type II diabetic. Several months later I am scared S**TLESS. But with the fear comes the need for me to gain the knowledge to get this under control. We can’t live in fear. That will actually make our numbers climb higher. Stress has a big impact on our glucose levels. You are making the right decision.

My friend who took Type 2 last year is always drinking something but I can’t say much to her I tend to do that too! HA! I can tell you what the Drs told me tears ago…Stay away from anything that’s white in the food line it will raise your bs ex sugar,white bread pasta on and on I started doing that and got better conrol. I always remember that sugar is white ahd try to cut out anything that even reminds me of it.

Way to go MeadowLark!!! Like molliejade said you don’t want to have any of the other really bad complications that you can get from D. I know how important your kids are to you and you want to be there for their weddings!!!

Listen to Dan!! It will scare you but life goes on. YOU CAN DO IT!!!