A question

ok so i was at work and i had to tape my sensor either im on day 8-9 and it was starting to come off so i taped it good anyway it was about 6-8 hours in and i was bending or stretching my body a bit and it hurt like really bad even sore where my sensor was so another hour went by and the pain got to the point i went to the bathroom and checked it and my sensor was mostly sticking out but still giving a reading so i decided to take it off and realized there is a needle which i thought i read in the manual that the needle comes out and im almost positive thats what it was… so does the needle actually stay in or is it supposed to come out and if not i follow what it says so why doesnt it come out?

Are you sure it wasn’t the sensor wire that you pulled out? It would be more flexible than a needle. The needle should have retracted when you pulled back on the inserter.

i think so it justs looks alot like a needle

It does kind of look like a needle, but it’s most likely just the sensor wire that reads your BG. This is supposed to come out when you remove the sensor…so all is well.

well it came out almost all the way while i was working and it was hitting my stomach and it sure felt like a needle and it was really sore there too and once i took it out all the pain went away which makes me question it being a needle