Removing needles on sensors

I'm using the MM CGM and I'm having problems with removing the needle AFTER inserting the sensor.I tried moving it at different angles thinking it was because I had it in a bind but, some of them are still hard to remove. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

I have had that happen on 2 of my last 3 sensors. They were both on areas that were less accessable to reach. That said, if you try to pull the needle out at a different angle than it was inserted it will hang up like that. I havnt heard a work around for it yet, but I’m sure its happpening to mre people than just you and I…

I need to order more sensors so, I’ll ask them about it when I call and I’ll give an update.

Ive had alot of problems as well. I always end up getting it out, but I bleed quite abit after.

Have you also noticed that when you plug out the needle you can feel it dragging as it comes out??? I find it’s more painful to remove the needle than to insert it.

In the very beginning I had trouble with this – it seems that you have to pull it out at the proper angle for it to come out smoothly. I wish that I could translate it into an exact angle but I just do it by feel, probably somewhere around 30-40 degreesish from the skin but my mental protractor isn’t so good. I hold the sensor with one hand and hold the ‘grip’ as close as possible to the sensor (not by the edge), then pull it out with one smooth motion.

It is one of several very annoying things about the MM CGM, but after a few weeks you’ll be a pro!

I have had trouble too, sometimes the needle just slips right on out, other times I think I need a crowbar to pry it out! I just hold down the site, and gently work the needle. Again, hard to explain, but almost like gripping it at the point where it is in my body and “pinching” the needle with my thumb and index finger to get it to begin to slide. I also try to insert with the inserter tipped up halfway between where the inserter says and 90 degrees.

I just did a re-enactment in my head (yes, I have issues). I think the problem is that the ‘grip’ makes it seem like it slides out at an even 45 degree angle, but it isn’t, it’s less than that (eg i pull more sideways).

I called Medtronics and I was told that the sensors have a shelf life of 6 months but, we really should use them within 2-3 months. One reason being, there’s some sort of solution inbetween the needle and the sensor that allows the needle to slide. If it expires then the solution will dry up not allowing the needle to move freely. Hope this makes sense cause I’m not too good at explaining things.

I too had problems with this—My hubby made me a cardboard angle to put under the inserter to get it in at the right angle…the ones that “stuck” coming out were the ones that bled the most-and hurt the most–and usually left a nice big bruise :frowning: …and it sometimes happened with new sensors (always used within my 3 months) as well as the end of the batch

Denise, I guess since you’re having the same problem with new sensors, voids what Medtronics told me.

After reading on here that some of you are having the same problems, I told Medtronics that I’m not the only one that’s experiencing this. I was told that they don’t have any record showing that anyone is having issues nor that there is a recall on the sensors.

She recorded my issue with the sensors. Just a suggestion…mention it to Medtronics that you are having problems removing the needles. Maybe, they’ll fix whatever it is that’s causing it to hang up.

Good idea. I think the MM sensors as a whole leave a lot of room for improvement. When I first got CGM about 1.5 years ago the nurse told me that the needle removal was a hang-up for a lot of new users. I just think they don’t want to admit that it was poorly designed…

I agree, Tom.

I’ve been using the CGM for over a year now and it’s just lately that I’m having problems with removing the needles. That tells me that it’s an issue with the sensors and not with how I’m removing it.

For me, the key to get the needle to slide out smoothly is to pull it at the same angle as it went in.

However, if it goes in at a low angle you man need to push down on he sensor to make it flat with the skin, then pull the needle out the same angle as the needle is at in the sensor. If you pull it out at about 1/16" then look at the angle to make sure you pull it out at the same angle.

The insertion is the important part of the process, for me the pull is easy after used the above approach and you may have more success.

I have been having this issue just lately that I’m having problems with removing the needles.

This blog That tells me that it’s an issue with the sensors and not with how I’m removing it. MM says I am pulling at wrong angle. I do my best to replicate the 45-60 degree angle but I need a gorilla to pull it out

Medtronic has a financial interest in getting you to use sensors faster. They have an expiration date which has been approved by FDA. If a Medtronic rep really said exactly that, you should immediately report that to the FDA’s Inspector General.

With that said, as to the specific problem, namely withdrawing the needle from the sensor after insertion, you have to withdraw the needle at the same angle as you inserted it. It does not pull straight out as that would bend the canula on the sensor. So, as you insert, note the angle at which you insert and then use the reverse in pulling the needle out at that angle. I had constant problems until I figured that out and now I have none.