A Scare!

My daughters, Olivia and Gwen, went to my mother's house to swim. It has been really hot (in the 90s) the past couple of days. Anyway, we took a break from swimming and ofcourse checked Olivia's blood sugar, give her her insulin, and then eat dinner. Her Lantus shot was changed from bedtime to dinner time and she also gets a shot of Humalog. So at dinner time now, she gets two shots instead of one because you cannot mix Lantus with another insulin. Olivia did fine and my mother was amazed that she doesn't cry anymore! She, however, can still be a little wiggle worm! Okay - I'm getting off track. Back to my "scare".

During dinner, Gwen - who is 6, got up from the dinner table 6-7 times to go to the bathroom. I was scared! The memories of Olivia's dx were playing in my head. Olivia went to the bathroom all the time before she was dx on 6/12/2007. Does Gwen now have Diabetes??? I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach. I decided to use Olivia's meter and check Gwen's blood sugar. I thought to myself, I'm getting all worked up for nothing. I poked Gwen's finger and watched the meter read 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......190! I caught myself staring at that number 190. Oh no! Isn't normal below 100. I'm new at this diabetes thing and I was about to freak out. I didn't say anything in front of Gwen, but I expressed my concern to my mother and sister. My mother said that she just got done eating and it was probably high because of that and to check her again later. I decided not to let it ruin the rest of the night and we all went swimming again.

When we got home my husband was already home from work. How was I going to tell him? I needed to be strong. I can be strong, right? Wrong! I couldn't find the words so I placed the meter in front of him with the number 190. He said what's this, Olivia? I then broke down crying and said no - it's Gwen. I then told him what happened and when I checked Gwen and he told me the same thing that my mother told me. He said that anyone's blood sugar will go up right after eating. That's why we check Olivia 2 hours after eating. Okay, I was feeling better about the whole situation, but back in my mind I was still worried. We decided that we would call the doctor's office to have some tests run on Gwen's urine.

That night I dreamt that Gwen did have Diabetes. Ironically, it was a good dream. We were handling it just like we do Olivia (day by day). The funny thing is Gwen was wearing a sixuntilme shirt. LOL - I love reading Kerri's blog http://www.sixuntilme.com/

The next day, I took Gwen to our local hospital for a urinalysis test. Gwen said to me, "Mommy, I hope my pee doesn't have sugar in it!" I said, "Me too, but if it does, we will handle it - I love you." The results - no sugar in her urine. They said that she might have a urinary infection, but those results won't come back until tomorrow.

It was a scare that is now buried deep inside of me, but I still worry that one day our scare will become a reality. That one word "WORRY" - I told you it consumes me!

I’m so sorry for your scare. I imagine once one child has been diagnosed, you will always watch the other children more closely. I hope everything turns out ok, but if they don’t, you’ll be better prepared to handle and manage your other child. Again, I hope she is and stays healthy.