Little Sneak!

Time sure does fly! I can't believe November is almost over. Well this past week was our first experience with Olivia sneaking food. I came home from work around 4pm and did my usual things - said hello to everyone, asked my oldest daughter, Gwen, how her day went at school, read the paper, and began to think what I'm going to make for dinner. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready for 5pm and noticed Olivia's stepping stool, that she uses to wash her hands, on the floor in front of the counter. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I noticed that it was too quiet! I went into the living room and seen Gwen watching TV, but I couldn't find Olivia. I called her name a couple of times with no answer. HMMMMM! Where is she? Then I noticed a clothes hamper that was underneath the dining room table. What is that doing there??? I got closer and noticed that Olivia had crawled inside the hamper with a whole bag of cheetos!! Oh my gosh - what are you doing??? I know I scared her because she started to cry. I tried to stay calm and told her that she is not allowed to eat anything unless mommy and daddy say it is okay. I can't believe that she was able to climb up onto the counter, open the cabinet door and steal that bag. Do I see padlocks in my future?? I checked her and the result was this...

Oh, S*it! That is the highest Olivia has ever been. When she was diagnosed she was only 428. My husband and I noticed the signs of diabetes pretty early and took her in to our doctor. I have learned through tudiabetes, that many have been diagnosed with a number in the 1000s - scary! Anyways, it was a shocker and the rest of the night was spent checking for ketones in her urine, and checking her blood of course. She went from 571(dose of Lantus and Humalog before dinner) to 266 (anoher dose of Humalog) to 116 to 86. The 86 was at 3am and I was a little worried that she would go too low before 6:30am so I decided to give her 1/4 cup skim milk. At 6:30am she was 124. We made it through.

That is a good idea. I do have sugar free jello in the fridge. What do you keep/use as “free” food?

Thank you Tonyia for the ideas. Olivia is also honeymooning. She does get a snack at 9am and 2pm. At 9 she is allowed 15gms (right now she is not a really good breakfast time eater) and at 2pm she is allowed 8gms. Sometimes she is so excited about “snack time”!