Sweet Olivia

Well when it comes to diabetes, I am a beginner. My daughter was dx on June 12th, 2007. She is two years old and full of spunk! She is Type 1. Being a health and physical eduation teacher, I thought I knew alot about this disease. Boy was I wrong - I learn something new everyday. It is nice to have the support here!

My husband and I had an inkling that something was just not right a couple of days before her dx. She was drinking like there was no tomorrow and she would leak out of a diaper every hour. We made an appointment with her doctor. Her BG level was 428 and she had ketones in her urine. We spent 5 days in the hospital to rehydrate her, etc., and to education me and my husband. Those five days were the hardest. She had no idea what was going on. Why was she being poked? Why were mommy and daddy giving me shots? She would cry. I would cry. I still cry at night - I guess that is the worrying side of me.

Right now the Endocrinologist and his team tells me that our Olivia is in the "Honeymoon" stage. She gets very little insulin right now. I don't know how long that will last and neither do they. She gets 1 and 1/2 units of NPH in the Morning @ Breakfast and she get 1/2 a unit of Lantus @ bedtime and then she follows a sliding scale of Humalog @ Breakfast, Dinner, and Bedtime. Right now she gets no insulin @ Lunch time because all three are working then. I believe tomorrow they will probably change her NPH again because at lunch time her numbers are in the 70's.

I also struggle with eating time. It hasn't been a month yet since her dx, so I'm still learning and it's nice to learn from these forums what other people have done and are going through. I'm contantly on the www.calorieking.com website checking carbs!!

Our Olivia is pretty good about getting her BG checked. We change from her fingers to her toes every other day. She is also pretty good about her insulin shots, but constantly wants it done @ upper right arm! It takes a little convincing to do it anywhere else ----SOOO when she is sleeping I try to do it in her belly, etc.

We also have a 6 year old daughter, Gwen, who is doing okay with everything. She lets us pretend on her so Olivia is more willing. The whole family eats what Olivia eats - there is no making something else for the rest of the family. We all have to make do with this disease. Olivia still takes a nap during the day so Gwen knows that @ this time she can have a piece of candy,etc.

Right now my husband and I are the only ones who test BG, give injections, but our families are eager to learn.

I admit, at times, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but my sweet Olivia and I just try to take it day my day.

ok now I’m freaking out!! I was diagnosed 2 months ago (dr doent know if its T1 T2) my daughter is 22 months. I read your post and ran over to my husband with the lap top in my arms to show him. my daughter has been drink a lot. she drinks sippy cup after sippy cup of juice milk water anything. thats 9 oz sippy cups!! she fills a diaper in 1-2 hrs. I did notice that because it annoyed me that we would drive to the store not more than 15 mins away and her diaper leaked. I thought she was cold so she would pee more. and the liquid maybe she just hot. she isnt cover in our insurance right now do to stupid people my hubby works with not sending papers in on time. we are waiting until Aug to get her on the insurance. no coverage for a year so far. now I’m really freaking out!!! is there anything I can do?? can I check her sugar? can I poke her little finger with my monitor? would the sugar levels be the same??? help!

I do know that drinking frequently and peeing alot is a symptom for diabetes. I also know of a mother on another forum that I belong to that tested her daughter with her meter and her daughter’s reading was really high. She took her into her Doctor and sure enough her daughter was dx with type 1 too! I’m not saying that your daughter has type 1, but I would definitely check her and go from there. With my little Olivia, she was also really tired! Best Wishes!