A sensitive question for OmniPod users

Hello all! I am new to the forum, and looking for some input from omnipod users. I am weeks away from getting an omnipod, and I have a question I couldn’t really ask my diabetes educator! So…how do things work out with the omnipod and omnipod placement when you are…ahem…getting intimate? As a young woman with a serious boyfriend, this is something that has crossed my mind as I’ve considered switching from MDI to a pump. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I appreciate your honest responses. Thanks so much!


The great thing about an Omnipod is you can wear it so many places without tubing. I had the same concerns when I first got a tubed pump years ago. I got over those issues but can definitely say a pod is easier. I prefer to wear my pod on the back of my arm and that area really isnt utilized during those times.

Don’t worry…you’ll make it work.

That was also a concern for me. I was in a relationship when I switched from a Medtronic pump that was more detachable to the Omnipod. At first I was very aware of the pod in those situations a lot and was hyper-sensitive to it not being disturbed in any way, almost to a distracting degree. But it actually can take a lot more abuse than you think, thats just something I figured out. Luckily I was in a supportive relationship as I’m sure you are too. It doesn’t get in the way and I’ve never had a problem with it coming off during those times of lovin…just try to forget about it and have fun.

I always had more issues with my minimed and the tubing. The pod can get bumped without issues (unlike snagging a tube, etc), so I agree with Flobotic that the pump can take a lot more than most give it credit for. I think once you get used to it, you won’t even know it’s there.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses! I guess I’ll get used to it after a while, but knowing that it can take a little beating (er, loving) certainly calms my fears. Nothing dampens the mood quite like a hyperglycemic episode :wink:


I’ve been on the Omnipod for going on 2 weeks now (Minimed for 7 years prior). I agree with everyone’s comments, but you do have to sort of plan where you are going to place the Pod. I just tried it on my leg. I liked it. I would not wear it there if I thought I was going to be getting intimate within that three day period. Not to be a detractor from the Omnipod, but while I like not having tubing, I do miss not being able to disconnect and put the little cap on the end of the infusion site for such moments. The flip side though, try walking around with the minimed stuff or any other attached to the back of your arm. Not only is it dangerous, but you look silly.

Very good point! I suppose nothing is going to keep us apart :slight_smile: Thank you for the male POV, it’s also helpful to know! My BF is a medical school student and has known me for 9 years, so he’s very understanding and supportive. He hasn’t ever advised me to get or not to get a pump, but I do think he’d like to see me take less shots (or none at all), have an easier way of life, and get to sleep in with him instead of waking myself up on the weekends to take my Levemir! Who knows, maybe that little contraption stuck on my side will be a turn-on :wink:

I never disconnected from my tubed pumps during that time (just tossed it next to me), though many people do disconnect and prefer it that way. So what I’m getting at is that I don’t mind that I can’t disconnect from the pod - I find it to be a selling point that you’re always getting your basal insulin.

Like others have said, I find the omnipod to be less of an intrusion than a regular pump. I typically wear it on the small of my back, on my butt, or on my abdomen. It has yet to get in my way and my husband doesn’t notice it or my CGMS sensor on my arm. Going from shots to a pump, I remember being 20 in college and being scared that a future partner would be distracted by it, but it has honestly never been an issue.

The pod becomes such a natural part of you that you (and any long-term sex partner) soon hardly notice it, even in intimate moments. However, to help make the first couple of times go more smoothly I suggest making a point to “introduce” your pod to your partner; have him get “intimate” with it at a time when you’re not being intimate with each other; have him touch it, fiddle with it, jiggle it, etc. I would even suggest he and you both give it some good jostling and tugging so that you both have a sense for how durable it really is. Do all of this in a non-intimate time, when it isn’t a distraction to “getting down to business.” I think that will go a long way to eliminating any lingering worries about dislodging it or otherwise causing harm during intimate "play."
By giving him a chance to get comfortable with it on your body, it should be less of a distraction when distractions are the last thing you want. The last thing you’d probably want is for the first time he actually touches it to be in a moment of passion, right?

Very true, and a very good point! I’m so glad I found this forum…it’s easing my anxiety, not only about the question I posed, but about life with a pump, specifically the OmniPod, in general. Thanks so much guys. Now hopefully my insurance will cover it…

Maggie, did you see the reply I posted in the Anthem thread about how to get coverage for it?

No! Thanks for directing me to it!