A Survey of Type 1 Diabetics taking place in Austin,TX- $130 compensation for interviews only

A type 1 diabetes study is occurring in the local Austin area. This study would only involve a 90-minute face-to-face interview to learn more about patient-reported symptoms of type 1 diabetes and how these symptoms may affect the lives of adults and children with this condition.

This study does not involve taking additional medications or include any clinic visits.

All qualified participants will be compensated $130 for their participation in the face-to-face interview.

About this study
This study is currently being conducted by Mapi Values, a healthcare research company. Mapi Values is working in conjunction with qd Solutions, a local marketing firm specializing in patient recruitment, for enrolling type 1 diabetics in the Austin area.

To be eligible for participation, a participant must:
• Be 8-45 years of age
• Have a medical diagnosis of type 1 diabetes
• Have been diagnosed within the last 12 months
• NOT be receiving inhaled insulin therapy

Please note that as part of this study, participants will be asked to sign and return a consent form, an assent form (for minors only), and a Case Report form (CRF). The CRF will also need to be signed by each participant’s clinician, in order confirm medial eligibility, and returned to qd Solutions.

To Learn More:
To learn more about this study, please contact Alexandra Tirado at: