A Sweet Idea!

This is the best time of life for folks who can tolerate a few SWEET food choices to enjoy the fresh and natural and nutritious produce that can be picked fresh right from the 'hood. At least in my neck of the woods. So SWEET, so JUICY, so DELICIOUS! I am still nursing a broken peach tree that got mauled by a bear last year so my peaches come from the market right now. And raspberries are ready available on the trails when I blaze through them, sweet free snacks!! Green apples are falling off the trees and today I was entertained by a mom and young deer standing under a tree that had a dropping of hundreds of fallen apples. They looked pretty pleased, I tell ya!!! If that were my tree, I’d collect those apples and take them to the food bank. If I were a thief, I would not have to shop for food during this time of the year, I could just walk around and pick fruit all day long and go home and have a sweet salad!!!

In addition to the fruit are the abundant vegetables. Yellow squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, radishes, peppers, broccoli (mine were a total fail :frowning: ), all fresh and there is nothing better than home grown. Or in some cases, neighbor grown, but good 'nuff! And once this produce is done there will be beets, rutabaga, carrots, spaghetti squash, and more radishes!!

All of these things are worth the bolus in my life. And even if you do follow a low carb kind of eating plan, just a fresh small apple is worth the insulin needed for 15 grams of carbohydrate and you could skip the usual 15. The nutrition alone is enough, but then there is the deliciousness and beauty of a food that came right off the tree.

If it were possible, I would put a giant basket of nutrition out for everyone to pick from. Enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of this season!!


The fruits of our season here are oranges and mandarins. Almost every orchard gate has citrus fruit for sale. Oh, I do so with it was berries!


I wish we could grow oranges!! When I lived in the OC the avacados were free :wink: I would love to grow those, and also bananas. It’s interesting when you think about the different produce in different areas. For every season there is something sweet to enjoy!


Our fig trees are producing a HUGE crop this year…way too many for me to use myself so my friends and neighbors are benefiting :wink:

We have wild blackberries coming ripe now, and our raspberry patch is producing as well. My husband uses these in his breakfast, and occasionally I will make a cobbler (sweetened with stevia and I reduce flour by half with shredded coconut) and partake as well.

Our pear trees (6 of them) are also bringing a record crop. I will eat a pear for lunch every day with cheese as long as they are coming and also share and dry the rest.

We have three plum trees…again, I share more than I eat, but I do love them :smiley:
And eight apple trees. I make applesauce and freeze, then use it to sweeten baked goods throughout the year. I also have three horses, and they will eat what I don’t “sauce” for the rest of the year.

We planted a nectarine tree this year… it will be fun to figure out how to make use, right?

And then vegetable! We are getting the BEST lemon cucumbers and tomatoes this year! The change in climate here in the Northwest bodes well for these crops. Makes for great Greek salads. I sautee green beans and yellow squash from the garden and add them to salads as well.

Really, is there anything better than eating from a garden? I don’t think so!


[quote=“Ahnalira, post:4, topic:47102, full:true”]Really, is there anything better than eating from a garden? I don’t think so!
[/quote]This is right on! And I’m just a bit jelly over your bounty!!

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I wish you were closer (Camano Island, WA) so I could share it with you @karen57


Hmmm, I do love a ferry ride :slight_smile:


cannot beat Indiana Cantaloupe this time of year, or even Michigan Blueberries. Yum Yum

Rick Phillips

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My bro was telling me about a very delicious cantaloupe that he enjoyed when he was visiting Cali last week. He made it sound like candy, described the skin, and so I went in search. It’s called Tuscan…and it’s hard to find. I might have to go visiting… Or call the fam and see if sis can send me some seeds :yum:

The peaches are done here, the last one I had was awful, no juice at all. The Honeycrisp are fresh crop so on with Apples! And I am going to see about some Indiana Cantaloupe while I continue to search for the Tuscan.

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The Indiana cantaloupe is almost done. But we are ready for the apples.

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