A tidbit from the Omnipod (Insulet) earnings call last night


The company indicated it expects to begin an on-body artificial pancreas trial this fall. This is a quote, “And in terms of functionality of our system, we don’t want to give too much away, but I think I have said to you before that we definitely will have more than predictive low suspend … we really want to bring value to the market when we launch, so that’s our goal.” The company has really ramped up its efforts on engineering. A Bluetooth pod and PDM is in the works, and trials are under way on a system that will handle concentrated insulins, like U-500 and U-200. What was not said is how soon we might be able to control our delivery via smartphone and eliminate having to carry the PDM, as Dexcom has been able to do with its glucose monitors. However, integration with Dexcom is part of the new system, which is expected to be debuted at the ADA convention in San Diego next year.

Just getting used to the CGM...Is it Pump time (for a 2 year old!)

That’s very encouraging. Thanks!


An OmniPod AP would allow me to die happy knowing that my daughter is getting what she wants (to continue being a Podder) and I am getting what I want (her to use an AP).

Please hurry, OmniPod!


Do you mean that their ap will debut next year in SD? Great news for all of us! Yes, controlling the pod by smart phone would be so much more convenient. Maybe once it is integrated with Dexcom it will be. I use xdrip on Android for Dexcom and it has made a huge difference in convenience and a1c.


No, the Bluetooth devices will be introduced. NOT the artificial pancreas.


Any effort being made to obtain Medicare approval as a DME?


We’ll be happy enough with the Bluetooth device for awhile (looks like it will be released in late 2017). The OmniPod AP? I suspect about 1 to 3 years after that, minimum…


Medicare approval is a top priority. Apparently, they are making progress with Medicaid. They have formed an internal task force (“market access team”) to work on this issue.