A very, very good day

Im trenvious! What was it that you ate for the day if, you dont mind.

Half a bagel for breakfast with lots of cream cheese and sugar free jelly. I bolus more than I need to keep the after-breakfast spike in check. Then I eat small portions of fruit and Greek yogurt whenever my BG closes in on the low end of my range. I also eat pretzel sticks. Whatever free food I can find in the kitchen at work. For lunch I had a big Caesar salad with grilled chicken. This one is always a little tricky because the amount of croutons varies a lot and I expect that the dressing varies too. I over-bolus some more and eat fruit and pretzels later. That’s it. I am too lazy to make myself dinner.

On the weekends I go out for dinner and I can tell that eating dinner is not kind to my waistline. I stopped eating dinner at home about 30 years ago. Thus not eating dinner qualifies as a habit. At around 6 pm my BG stabilizes because all food is out of my system and I have a worry free 12 hours. That is nice too.

Ahh, 12 hours of stability! Fantastic!

I tend to get my ceasar with out croutons for that “unknown.” I figure I can handle 4-6g for the dressing and parmesan. You have a fantastic grasp on your personal requirements for control.

Wow very well done. Interesting about over bolusing and eating fruits and such to compensate.

Very well done sir. I’m with onesaint on this one - trenvious…

During the week I go for a brisk 1/2 hour walk during my lunch break. On the weekends I do 1/2 hour on the elliptical. When I skip physical activity my insulin requirement goes up after a couple of days. After a week without activity I need about double the insulin. I also have the feeling that my BG becomes harder to predict. When I first got my dex I resorted to a brisk walk to counter the breakfast spike. I did not have a pump at that time. Now I have the spikes under control. I exercise for the stabilizing effect on my BG. My doctor claims that exercise is also needed to keep cholesterol in check. I have integrated exercise into my routine like brushing my teeth.

What does trenvious mean? I could not find it in any dictionary.

Its a word created by the group (Seth), based on Courtney’s quest to describe being envious of flatlines people posted. HEREs the discussion.


no problem. =^)