A week in to using a log book- bit of a personal record!

I'm on a pump, hoping to get a good hba1c in May so my husband and I can start TTC! Have been trying to improve since last August.

Because a few people on here have mentioned it, I've started using a log book to track everything to see if makes a difference. I've found this really hard to stick to in the past, normally manage it for a couple of days then stop.

basal rate, boluses, corrections, carbs, exercise, everything.

Finding it a bit of a pain to remember to do, but quite useful- already I've adjusted my basal rates a bit and its shaming me into eating less carbs which is good.

Hoping by telling you all about it this will make me stick with it!

Thats great that you are finding trends already!

When I logged I realized that I was actually under bolusing for my meals and my basals were too high… which resulted in an up,down,high,low, pattern alllll day long. Thank goodness for log books!