A1C - Poco a Poco

Little by little. Small decreases are good! I did an A1C a year + ago when I corrected my diagnosis to LADA (never had one when first diagnosed 3 years ago) and it was 7.2. I did one last November and it was 6.5 and I just did a home A1C test. Amazing how excited I was to have it in my shopping bag! It was 6.3. I was hoping for lower as I just looked at my one month average and it was 107, but I have had a few lows this month. I’m just happy it’s going down! I know I’ll never join the 5% club because I’m a vegetarian and like to cook, but the closer to 6.0 the happier I will be! Yay to small decreases! Not dramatic but satisfying!

Poco a poco is absolutely the best. No surprises. Don’t worry about the 5% club. Congratulations on being able to enjoy what your hard work has done!

A chronic disease calls for a chronic solution my doc just said. So well done. That suits the body better as well. Less shock. Bravo!

Wow, thanks you guys! I almost thought that a decrease from 6.5 to 6.3 wasn’t worth talking about!