My new Personal Best A1C

Had labs done recently, and the results are in - My new personal best A1C is 5.1! That with losing 30 lbs and I am pretty happy!


Congratulations to you. Weight loss and a fantastic A1C.Nancy 50

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Great job keep it up.

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Great!!! Wonderfully done!

Congrats @Devildog! Neither is an easy feat … you had to work hard to attain both!

Amazing! What strategies did you take to lose the weight (if you don’t mind sharing)?


No real secret really, I just changed my diet and started walking every day. Absolutely nothing in this list:
Bread, white or wheat
Nothing made with flour

Basically just a modified Keto diet I guess. Down From 251 to 218 and still dropping. If I keep going I should be on target for my next A1C of 4.8. Blood work in a couple months.

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Got my latest results today. Didn’t make it to the 4’s, but sooo close! Next time for sure!

And down to 205!


Well done!

Dropped from a 40" waist to a 36. And still going to 180. Carb intake is averaging 12 grams per day. My omnipod dropped from 200 units every 3 days to 80 (minimum for it to prime). I am thrilled at my results, turning 50 this year. Hard work, but paying off. Sorry for tooting my own horn, just very happy how I feel today versus a year ago. Sleeping better, feeling better and the wife is happy again with me. lol!!


WOW, you are doing a good job. Do you have many lows with a A1C of 5.0

No, not at all. I think I have my diet and pump dialed in just right. The only “lows” I get are when I change my Dexcom G6 - it is insane the first day.

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