A1C since using CGM

A1C before pump-8.0

A1c after pump- 6.8, 6.5

A1C after using CGM-5.9

Numbers do not lie. I have been able to gain much better control with the use of a pump, and now with a CGM. Before using a cgm, I had no idea that my bs skyrocked between the time I got up and breakfast. Now, I am able to see exacly how my blood sugar is doing....all the time! It is wonderful!


Amy :)

Amy- that is EXACTLY the kind of post that I like to see! I’ve been using the Dexcom 7+ for two weeks and I’ve learned so much MORE about my body while on it. The foods that I thought DIDNT spike my BG actually did… etc.

So, I’m hoping to have the kind of success that you’ve had. Thank you for sharing!

I think that the benefits of having a CGM are countless. I am so happy with mine. Now…I have to figure out how to e-mail meaningful data to my physician…I’m working on that. :slight_smile: If you figure it out…let me know!

Have a great day!

Amy- I have yet to figure out how to install the software into my PC without having internet hooked up. haha. It’s absurd. I worked in tech support for a large corporation for years, and yet I cant take the time to learn how to hook up something so simple.

I’m going to my next Endo appt in four weeks and he has a PC in his office that downloads the stuff there. Thank goodness. haha.

Thanks for sharing! I’m totally ready to get a CGM. I have a pump now and things are getting better, but now that they are, I want them to be as great as they can be! I think a CGM will totally help me with that, especially at night, so I can figure out why my sugars fluctuate so much in the am…

Gina - Do it!!!

I got the Dexcom 7+ and I like it very much. I’m not IN LOVE with it, but the accuracy is pretty good (as long as you calibrate throughout the day) My insurance covered 80% WITHOUT stating that I’m hypo unaware (because I’m NOT unaware… yet)

Good luck!