Dexcom success stories

Have been using my Dexcom a little less than 4 months now. For the past 19 years, my average A1C has been 5.8, ranging from a low of 5.6 to a high of 6.3. I downloaded the Dexcom data and it predicted an A1C of 5.8 with only 1% of readings in the hypo range and 5% being low (55-70). I feel like the Dexcom has allowed me to have tighter control without as many lows and highs. I had my blood drawn for A1C test earlier this week and much to my delight, my A1C was 5.2! My best ever and no bad hypos either. Time will tell if this will continue, but I’m convinced the CGM made the difference. Very happy today!

Way to go, I do not have a Dexcom yet but I know when I doubled my strip prescription I was able to get really close control and hit a 5.2 as well. My honeymoon is coming to an end and I thought that keeping a sub six A1C would be nearly impossible, thanks for posting up I needed some encouragement. I hope to get a pescription at my late April endo visit for a Dexcom. My insurance says ok. just need the script:) Endo is old school though, so my backup plan is a second opinion in May with a more current Endo.

To Stage West,
That is wonderful numbers - good for you! How are you using the Dex software to "predict" your A1C? I have never gotten any readings in the A1C section. Am I missing something, or are you using your averages to predict?
Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Google “A1C calculator” and You’ll find many options for converting your average glucose reading into an approximate A1C. Make sure to use at least a 90 day average for numbers to be meaningful. That should get you in the ballpark of what a laboratory test would yield.

That is why I asked. I know about the calculators and in fact, I have one on my iPhone. The problem is that it is ALWAYS lower than the lab results. For instance, my last A1C was about .6 higher than than what the calculator read. So, I was just asking to see if there was a better way,

Congrats Stage, keep it up!

I was LADA diagnosed 15 months ago with a BG over 400. A1C last month, 5.4% with very few hypos. It is also a great way for your body to become hypo sensitive, learn how different type of carbs need to be bolus balanced, and, in general, what works for your particular blood chemisty. I know it's hard to not be obsessed with your Dexie all the time, but I always take a few days off between sensors to see how in tune I am with my BG and balancing my C/I ratio throughout the day.

Look forward to hearing more great stories!


Thanks. I’ve been lada for 19 years now and last fall had a bad hypo as I’ve become less aware over the years. So, that’s why I started the Dexcom. It’s not perfect, but it’s a nice tool!

The calculators or tables should get you in the ballpark I think. One tip is that the Dexcom tracks way better for me with my bg if I calibrate it 3 to 4 times a day. Good luck!

Holy cripes -- great tight control, Stage! I don't think I could do that.


Do you get the 90 day average from Dexie? If so, how do you do that?

In the drop down menus in the software you can select “daily”, “monthly”, and “quarterly” for statistics to display. Select the quarterly stats and then select your date for quarter beginning and that will get you the 90 day average stats plus or minus a few days. Good luck!

Just to keep it real…my bg was running way high on Easter. Diabetes likes to give those unfriendly reminders at times!

That's awesome! Congrats.. I'm looking for the same kind of thing with my new Dex. Got it a few weeks ago.

I find that kennedy's a1c correlates more with her 30 day average than the 60 or 90 day, endo told us that something like 70% of the a1c comes from the past 30 days ,then the remainder from the 60 days previous

Got the script, got the Dexcom, started first sensor this morning.
I will let you know how it goes.

October 2012 A1C is 5.3. The Dexcom has really been a great tool that has helped me better manage my diabetes. I still have to be very proactive but the Dexcom gives me a greater level of control than I’ve had since diagnosis.