soooo my A1c is 9.6 as of last month.

My endo will not sign off to allow me to get my permit (i already passed the test. I did it because I didn’t know that I would need a form for my permit since my mom or dad will be in the car with me at all times anyways…)
Also, the director of the diabetes camp that I was going to volunteer at called us, saying that I will not be allowed to come because I'm out of control. I'm supposed to be similar to a mentor while I'm there. This would have been my first time at a diabetes camp.

All of this news was brought to my attention on one day, one visit. I was a wreck the rest of the visit. It was embarassing/:

I am logging EVERYDAY and faxing my endo the weekly logs. I also joined weight watchers (with my family), which I figured would help my BG's and it will just be all around healthy and good for me.
I may even join a Muay Thai group with my friend! :) EXCITING!

Just wanted to share how I'm doing, I hope everyone is doing well --


Thanks for sharing. I always think of my numbers as a way to stay motivated towards my goals, but I don’t think of them as BAD numbers (or GOOD numbers for that matter). Hope you can stay motivated too.

Fair Winds,

Just take baby steps and determination will get you where you need to be. You’ll do it.

Wow, that’s got to be hard. I really you can do it and I will be rooting for you.

Jenna, sounds like you are taking a lot of great steps already! And getting your family to eat healthier is great too!!

Try not to get too discouraged. Diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint. I find that I get out of good habits easily, but I just have to get back in them! (I know, easier said than done!!)

Keep us posted on how you are doing!!

You have a wonderful outlook…keep plugging away…it will all fall into place.