Abbot Freestyle Libre claiming ownership of blood sugar info

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This is extremely scary stuff. I hope they do not get away with any of it. They might have a right to the tools they have made, but once the data is there you should be able to do whatever you want with it. How can they have a right to the data at that point? It’s your data.

This could be equated to so many things, and so wrong.

I have to wonder at the timing. Today Tandem got FDA approval for their “interoperable” pump device which they plan to market along with Abbot Labs Freestyle CGM. So maybe Abbot sees Loop as competition now. Too bad as I would have considered this Tandem/ freestyle combo if they had embraced the community.

Yes. In any case it is a alternative for dexcom users looking for a alterntive at a lower cost. Payors may prefer this solution as a lower cost alternative. Currently a third of the dex product. Just a thought.