Abbott and Tandem will collaborate

Officially announced yesterday - Tandem will integrate Libre with their pumps.

And it’s impact on Dexcom stock


While I personally like the Dexcom G6 integration with Tandem, I really like to see them branch out and not put all their eggs in one basket.
And heck, with Medtronics getting in with Dexcom, it is smart to have another source for your BG data.

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Will be great to see CGM options with Tandem!!

I saw that. Very interesting. Companies are jockeying around like crazy given the events of this year.

I have never liked that libre system. Abbott make some of the most accurate BG meters, but the libre cant do one of the most important features of modetn CGM and warn you from hypos.

Hi. Abbott 14 days sensor now supports alarms as a full CGM using a third party products. There are a couple of hacks to make it work. I’ve read the new MIAO MiAO adapter you use with the libre 14 gives it full Bluetooth support so it can work with glimp and xdrip apps for Android phones and watches. I use the freestyle 14 day but I’m waiting to test this new option which I will receive soon. I’ve spoken to a few engineers in Europe. If this works as planned, I will be very happy as the Medtronic sensor and Dexcom are pricey and we’ll suited for those with traditional insurance and for people who need full cgm pump integration. I find the libre with comparable accuracy perspective be very good as I also have been using Medtronic elyte with my 670g integrated. Abbott lacks the integration as Dexcom and Medtronic have but that is ok especially for all those who don’t have integrated systems that use Dexcom and Medtronic. For now, I can buy 3 sensors before I can get 1 from Dexcom or Medtronic given the markup. Keeping fingers crossed here. They also last longer. I see lots of announcements of the libre being interested into tandem and Bigfoot. I hope these issues will be natively solved in the U.S. soon.