Libre Sensor Adhesion

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Long time forum lurker first time poster (actually had to create an account). I saw a few older posts about this topic but wondered if I could do a quick poll on adhesion advice for the Libre 14 day sensors. I am new relatively new to the device and sometimes have issues making it 14 days. I see a ton of bandages and other things on Amazon but would appreciate any feedback from the group as I think forums like this tend to provide the best advice. Thanks everyone!


Hi Stu! I’ve been using Simpatches I ordered from Amazon. They last several days and have helped my sensors go the distance. I think I’ve only knocked off two sensors, and both times were due to me running into something and not because the adhesive failed.

Thanks Jules! Have you tried any adhesion under the sensor or just the overbandage?

Ebay - best price -

does not matter if outdated by less then a couple years - they still work great

I’ve only used the overbandage, nothing underneath.

When I was using the Libre Skintac worked like a charm.

I used to not have a problem with the Libre adhesion, but by the second day I did with my Dexcom. Skin Tac works wonderful. I actually am using a Libre on my dog right now and have been using Skin Tac to keep it on her. I apply it to the adhesive before I put it on her a liberal dose all over it except for the middle defined area. I wait for it to get tacky and then apply. I also touch up around the edges on day 4, 8 and 12 as her hair starts to grow out and I want to make sure it stays on her.

I actually had to use Tac Away to get it off of her this last time.

I’ve been using the Libre for about 6 months and have had maybe 3-4 come off early, although mostly due to bumping into something rather than the adhesion failing. I do sometimes use simpatch towards the end of the 2 week period if the edges are starting to peel.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Looks like I will give Simpatch a try!

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