Abbott freestyle Libre distributors under Medicare

Does anyone find them very great or substandard by now? I was able to get 30 days of senors one, but 90 days sensors from another. Also, not sure internal records kept on doctor/nurse replies to them. Also, some slow to answer phone. It seems for now medicare only pays this if you use distributors, not local drug stores in city.

Has been excellent - not one problem since medicare approved the libre

a 90 day re-order is usually less then a 90 second phone call

i use wellstart medical. 90 day orders. shipped 7 sensors w first order and got simpatch and skin tac w the order. first reorder took 2 mins. night and day from my last supplier

What is wellstart? I see 8 or 10 regional freestyle providers listed as ok to supply Medicare freestyle supplies, but well start does not appear listed? Are they new as a regional approved supplier? Jim
I used Edgepark, lost my records. I tried CCS regional they seldom answer phone. Edwards was suggested.

they are a somewhat new company from what i could find. here is their number 800-978-7599 if you’re interested. the 90 day supply is huge and they told me i get to reorder around day 80 something so always have ample supply. i was going month to month with only 1 sensor on my arm worrying about what will happen if it fails, falls off, etc. also shipments were always delayed, and i was finger pricking more than i was using the libre

So you were testing BG in finger as your supply source was not working to keep you in sensors? I think Medicare insurance only paid for freestyle near 2 years, and for only a portion of type 2 diabetics. Tx. I might check with wellstart, several let me down.

Here is info on medicare coverage. Mentions may be available from some pharmacies, and lists some dme providers.

yes often times I would be out of sensors for several weeks and no choice but to use my test strips. it just was always an excuse with them and only providing two sensors a month was a pain. one month one of the sensors just didnt work and the other one i made it 10 days so i was basically testing my blood all of the other days of the month. they also never shipped on time so i would have a lapse at the end/beginning of every month. so much easier now. 7 sensors with my first order. just got my second order with 6.