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My name is Dave and I'm writing on behalf of my wife whom you know as Bikette. She has asked me to let people here know that she is still around but unable to see well enough to correspond on her own. Even with extra big type size it takes her so long scrolling back and forth and up and down just to read or type a short letter. I don't know how she got through her tax work but her eyes are much worse almost every day now.

What frustrates her most is that this blindness is and was so reversible as it is only cataracts. She has been going to an optometrist every year for 10 years asking for help as her vision got worse, but the doctor kept blaming diabetes for her quickly deteriorating eyesight. Finally last fall, she complained to her diabetes doctor about going blind despite her major efforts to regulate her diet and medication to control the disease and they sent her to a new optometrist, but she had to wait for 2013 because she had used up her medical coverage by going to the old optometrist 5 times last year. That woman just kept giving her new prescriptions instead of any help and she has accumulated a dozen pairs of glasses now - all useless - and expensive!

Finally on 02 January, 2013 she saw a new optometrist who couldn't believe that anyone would miss such obvious cataracts but it has been 6 months now of trying to get an eye doctor to remove the cataracts and it just isn't happening right away. She has other complications as well as a firm handle on Murphy's Laws, so the first eye doctor let her wait 5 months before telling her she needed another eye doctor. She emailed him in February but he still made her wait until late May and then told her she could get in to see another doc in 2-3 days! He promised her she would have her eyes done in 2-3 weeks. That was May 21. She is most upset about being misled.

She finally saw another eye doc yesterday and he will operate but now the schedules are full with all the seniors back from Florida for the summer and the OR's are also on 'vacation schedule' so he doesn't even have a place to operate on her until September. But he promised to rush her in and book both eyes at once so she shouldn't have to wait another 6 months to get the second eye done.

She was originally told that she had to be conscious for the surgery and that both eyes would have to be done at once to avoid stress on the good eye now that they are so bad, but the story keeps changing and now they want to give her general anesthetic and do one eye at a time. She has had a lot of anesthetics which almost always end up with her getting pneumonia so she is not looking forward to the general anesthetic but I'm telling her to go along with them and just get the surgery done before I get too old to drive her everywhere!

In the past she has managed to get through her work with large fonts and double checking all her calculations but that is also really frustrating and time consuming. She is afraid her tax clients won't be back since she could not hide her obvious blindness this year. At this point she is not even trying to work and I'm glad because she should be giving herself and her eyes a break! She really resents the past 10 years of misdiagnoses and the long waits for her "rush" surgery, but I know she will get through this. Up until a few weeks ago she was still taking pictures of the birds at our little country house.

I have been able to use her login information to receive her email and finally to get into this website for any messages and I have read the comments on her page to her more than once now. She appreciates your kind words and wishes she could reply to them herself (and she is mostly dictating this letter to me), but her head hurts just trying to read anything at this point. This is a decade long eye-strain headache she has and it's giving her heck lately which is why I'm glad she finally decided to stop trying to keep up with her computer work.

I will try to check her email and this website whenever we are home and that might be more now since she has trouble breathing outside in the heat, so we mostly stay inside in the summer anyway. She wants you all to know that she misses her friends here a lot and worries about you often! I don't know much about navigating this or any website but I can try to keep up with the messages. I'm just not the typist my wife is and a letter like this takes me all morning! So I might not be able to get back to you but I will make sure she hears your comments, so thank you in advance for those and thank you for your concerns.

She wants me to tell you in my best Arnold voice: A'll be Bach! Now I'd call that a Gen. MacArthur voice but we are of different generations. I never thought I'd spend my retirement as a kittie sitter and guide dog, but I suppose it beats working!

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Hi, Bikette!

I noticed that you weren't on TuD anymore and now I know why. I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes and I pray that you get to have your surgery soon. Please keep us updated on your progress. Take Care, Kat

I'm pretty new here and we haven't met each other yet. But we share D and that's enough for me to send you a big hug and wish you the best!

Greetings from Italy Bikette!

Hello Bikette,
I'm fairly new to tudiabetes, having just been diagnosed last year. I wanted to say I'm horrified by what happened to you. I hope your surgery goes well, that you don't get pneumonia and that your vision improves a lot with the surgery. If I were you I would sue the optometrist who missed your cataracts diagnosis for malpractice. Please take care and take it easy, get plenty of rest.

Hi Bikette. I'm so frustrated on your behalf! I'm looking forward to the time that the cataracts are removed and your eyes are fully functional again. Cheers!

for those who may be fairly new here, here's a few facts about Bikette

she has a wicked sense of humor. She lives in Canada and does people's taxes, if that's not funny enough for ya, check out her profile
she's got some beautiful pictures of her beloved backyard birds and squirrels, Canadian countyside, and some hilarious pictures of her cats.

She joined TuDiabetes in 2010 and immediately caught our attention with her clever wit. She won the 2010 Award for Comedian. You can read about that here, and see a video chat from Manny announcing the awards.

She got to meet members Linda and Nel and they went to the Banting house in Bikette's hometown of London, Ontario. There's pictures on her page of this festive day.

Here's another blog from Bikette about "her day with Fred", meaning Frederick Banting


just to show you her unique writing style, voice and wit. Anyway, WE WANT OUR BIKETTE BACK and completely healed as soon as possible. we are missing our spicy gal from the north!!!

aarrg I'm not done yet! found Bikette's first blog here

excellent introduction to Bikette in a nutshell. she'd make some clever joke with that comment!

I'm so sorry to hear about all your difficulties. I do hope that you can make it over this hurdle. I think many of us have struggled with getting competent care. When we get the runaround it is just so frustrating. We look forward to speedy recovery and return and will keep you in our prayers.

Hi Dave and Bikette . Hubby says Hi to you both :) ...Hugs and a suggestion from a distance and several provinces in between : Go to an ER in a London , ON Hospital , bring the Media along and demand immediate attention .Hubby , not living with diabetes has been seeing as he recalls an Opthamologist for 10 years and cataract surgery was performed in 2005 ( both eyes within 6 weeks ) ..one needs a referral in BC. I have been seeing an Opthamologist since diabetes diagnosis , 1983 ; when we moved to Salmon Arm ( rural BC and lots of Seniors ) I went to see an Opthamologist..can't recall if I needed an referral ?? She performed ny cataract surgery in 2008 ...both eyes within 6 weeks . She does approx 8 surgeries in one day at the Eye Center in Armstrong about 1/2 hour drive from home. Interesting that this Canadian receives better treatment in an rural center , than you in large city ...will stay tuned !!

Bikette I hope you soon get your surgery and that it goes as smoothly as possible. What an ordeal you have been through. Hugs from Maureen

Oh mercy. So sorry you guys have been getting the runaround. Indeed frustrating.
I've had cataract surgery and it was pretty much a non-event - got local anesthesia and
just the sides of my face went numb.
Bikette is one tough lady. She will come through this.
Thanks so much for the update.

Hugs my dear friend...I have many messages for you waiting on your inbox. Hope it gives you a bit of laughter and to tell you that you are missed and loved so much My prayers are always with you and Dave...

We Miss you Bikette, It sound like a bunch of us need to come to you and help you straighten out your doctors. HA Ha.

You take care and hurry back.

Love you, Bikette. Praying that your appointment can be moved up and you will get the surgery you need. Dave, You are a first-class, loving husband. Your jokester wife has been so very much adored, admired, and appreciated here on TuD. I know she will be back soon.

God bless,

So very to hear that Bikette . You are in my prayers and thoughts . Hope everthing turns out for the best. Keep fighting We are all on your side !!!

Groceries Dave? Well, as long as she's eating!!! Bikette we had another spaghetti squash craze in chat ;) Miss you a bunch lady!!!


Hi Thinking of you and can't wait till your eyes will be better and we can exchange....marilyn

I hear you about how hard it is to sue when malpractice happens, and I totally understand waiting to see what happens and redirecting energy to healing.

My experience is that if you burst in with guns blazing in John Wayne, Clint Eastwood fashion, you will get exactly the opposite response to the one you desire. I mean sending in Dan Rather with the 60 minutes Team or issuing them with a Legal Suite. Instead you will generate intense hostility. I had an iron-clad case against my Doctor and complained to the College of Physicians. They told me to buzz off. My Lawyer told me to cut my losses and let it go. He said in Court we'd probably loose. Cataract surgery in the US is about $3,429 per eye. For myself, I'd strongly consider that option.