About me

Hi every one - I'm a 40 something, diagnosed at 8 yrs old, The middle ages of diabetes treatment, before meters, after insulin. I burned a finger or three on test tubes which put me off testing regualrly for a long time.

Seeking help ... You may have noticed my A1C, it is making my life a bit rough right now. I am experiencing some insulin resistance and hormone fluctuation that are driving my number up and down almost daily, no matter what I eat, no matter how many or few carbs I eat. Are there any ladies experencing this as well, do you have any advice or can share your wisdom - I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Now some good .... The best part of having diabetes was discovering Camp Nejeda, New Jersey's only camp for kids like me. I am active volunteering my time supporting the Camp today, I think every kids should go to camp, it's the best learning environment in the world. I wish they had camp for adults. FYI - Camp Nejeda is a residential summer camp for kids with diabetes with programs expanding to Family Camps and activities for adults with all types Diabetics.

FYI - Camp Nejeda is having a fund raisier and Homecoming taking place on Sunday, September 23, 2007. (For more information see www.campnejeda.org). If you know anyone who was a camper or staff member at Nejeda or wants to join our family .... check us out.

So long for now...

Hi - I was dx’d in '74 so I’m not far behind you. When you have a sec, go to the forum that’s titled, “Would You Test Your Blood Sugar With This?” - it’s a lively discussion and will really take you back to, as you say, “the dark ages”. I think it’s a miracle that we survived that time when “best guess” was all we had.