About me

Hi there everyone that is on my friends list and whoever reads this my name is Karen and I have been married for over 20 yrs to a wonderful man he is my rock and we have 3 great kids and my oldest one is going to be a mommy in June and I have a son that is 20 yrs old and daughter that is 17 yrs old and the last one in High school she is a senior.

I have been a diabetic for the last 4 yrs right before the Christmas holidays I did not know I had the disease I went in for my yearly physical and that is how I found out about this disease I had none of signs that they describe that they listed on website and yes it is quite a shock on some one especially when you are getting ready to start baking the cookies and everything else that comes with the holidays and yes it was very depressing without a doubt but when you got a great support system like your kids and your husband they are my my support. My youngest one said to me that I will never forget "Mommy I will always be there for you no matter what"

And I do it by diet and excercise alone and I have lost over 100 pounds and I can tell you it is very hard to do it diet alone my doctor is so amazed on how I am doing and he ask everytime how I did it and I tell him I read lables and I strict myself to the intake on what I am eating and I do the fist thing of how much I need to eat and that works for me it is very easy and it is not hard to do you just have to watch what you eat. I am not on no medicine at all for this disease yes I do test about 6-10 times a day to watch my sugar and when I do get busy I do forget to eat and TRUST me I do feel it and boy it is BAD.

Yes like I said my oldest daughter and my son in law are going to be parents in June and yes going to be a first time grandparents and yes we are very excited about this and yes we do know that it is a going to be a baby girl and my husband and I cannot wait for this little addition into the family to arrive the family is getting bigger.

There will be more to post on here as time goes by.

great story karen! so glad you shared with us!