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So I’m gonna tell you all a bit about myself. My name is Cheryl. I’m married, my husbands name is Jeremy, we’ve been together almost 8 years married almost 6 this coming September. Between me and my husband we have 6 kids, he has 2 bio and one step froma previous, Stacia (9) Sereena (8) and Tiffany (12, his step), then together we have our twin girls Cayla and Dyanna they are 16 months, then there is my 10 yr old daughter Skye from a previous. I have had Type 2 Diabetes for about 5 years now. Do I have it under comtrol? Oh heck no! Do I try? No. I know I am slowly killing myself with food, which sounds funny, but I am. I won’t lie, food is my addiction, my husband smokes, I eat. I feel like crap everyday because my blood sugars are on a roller coaster ride. I finally stopped getting on my husband about smoking and telling him hes killing himself because I am doing the same thing. And the sad thing is both me and my hubby feed each others addictions, when he doesn’t have smokes instead of helping him try to quit I go buy him a pack before I kill him, my hubby brings home junk food, candy, anything and everything I shouldn’t have and I eat it. Every doctor so far whole heartedly thinks I can control my Diabetes with diet… HELLO!!! I weigh 236 pounds, I’ve been over weight since I was 5 years old, what in the right freaking mind thinks I can control my Diabetes with diet? Ok yes I did do it when I was pregnant with my twins, my A1C was 5.0, blood sugars were usually always good. I had the babies, went back on my regular junk food diet, and now I’m back up to like 6.0 or 6.5 I don’t test my sugars, I don’t have the money to pay for prescriptions, my doctor did give me free samples of januvia, haven’t been taking it. Do I care that I have Diabetes? Yes I do. Do I take it seriously? Not like I should. And if your wondering? Yes I do have depression, which doesn’t help, because depression makes it so I don’t really care. Example, I just got done eating 3 pancakes with pecan syrup (with help from the babies) it sounded good this morning, it taste good, and now I feel like crap, I want to vomit, my head hurts, i’m tired, and I’m cranky. Was it worth it? No. But I will eat something again later that will sound good, and taste good, and again regret it. My husband is no help, he is always bringing me candy bars, and stuff I know I soooooo should not be eating. One time I asked him “Why do you get me this stuff when you know I’m Diabetic?” basically trying to put the blame on him for me eating this crap, his response, “Well with the way you eat I forget you have it.” Plain as day, there you go. So I can’t TOTALLY blame him, but he truly has never shown any support. Yes he went to the classes with me. But how can I expect him to support me when he has a smoking habit, just like when he watches those commercials on tv of the nasty black lungs of someone who smokes, he will light up a smoke while watching, me I know 2 people in my life who have Diabetes, and both are dying from it, one is in a wheel chair and the other has been in and out of the hospital for multiple complications due to diabetes, I look at them both while I shove pizza and cake into my mouth. Yes I am crying out for help. And it frustrates me that I can’t get the doctors to listen to me or help me like they should. Sorry this was so long. Something I just needed to get out. Thanks for listening and now you know more about me.

Cheryl, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t blame or shame here, we listen, we care, we put our arms around each other, we help each other. There are many here struggling with the same issues. Baby steps are always a good start. When I run the car off the road, as it were, I just try to get it back on track, and then I set up a sytem of little rewards for myself. Perhaps a start for you would be to keep a log or journal of what you are eating, meds taken, emotions. I see you are new here, look around and you will find the support you need. If there’s any way I can help you, I’m here for you.


Your story is not new. You could probably gather us in a big arena and throw bricks. You would hit 9 out of 10 with the same story. Take courage, there is no one form of torture that is new to us.

If you want to involve your husband, sit him down and tell him that under no circumstances do you want him bringing in anything that harmful. If you want it, you’re going to have to get it yourself. Then tell him that you are not going to buy him any cigarettes. If he wants them, he will have to get them himself. Not being done out spite, but out of love.

Another thing, if you want to see what could possibly happen by not controlling your BG numbers, please go to my site and read my profile. I hope it will open up your eyes as to what can be in store for you if you let this drag on and on. Then give me a “note” back and we can talk.

God Bless you and your family.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Hi Cheryl: You are me. I am you. Our stories are very similar. I went through 5-6 years of saying, “Screw it.” I found a med that has woken me up from my deep dark slumber in Diabetes - Byetta. Once I started getting my BS under control in the summer of last year, I felt so much better. No one here is going to judge you. We’re all in the same boat together. I hope you find a support system close to you, but in the meantime - come here, look around, make friends. We’re all in this together - and I’ve found so many great people to talk to - people who get it - people who can listen and help and support and share.

Hey Cheryl, do you live in my house, spooky isn’t it when you read about yourself in some-one’s else story. Can you see me over the internet or by satelitte? I am tyype 2 for 3 years and 4 months now and my levels are all over the place but still no medication. Hubby is not a diabetis and he thinks I shouldn’t be one also, easy for him hes not a chocoholic like me.
Chin up my dear and lets face this together, all those D people out there are here for you like they are the ones who are getting me off my bum and doing something positive for me. You have made the first step a positive one by joining us here. Good luck my positive friend, will be hearing from me again, love ya, Alice

HELLO CHERYL,i see myself twenty something yrs ago,not taking diabetes serious @all,not even taking my insulin,not eating right,and now i am paying for it with all kinds of complications.you have come to the right place,everyone here loves and care for each other.the community has been a god sent to me.so take care of yourself and call on me anytime you need to////ODESSA