A little about myself

I am a 54 yr old SAHM to my "almost" 17 yr old son! I also have 2 adult kids, ages 35 & 33, blessing me with 8 grandkids & a great-granddaughter! I am married to John going on 18 yrs...

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this past February when I entered the hospital in critical condition with pneumonia. My sugar count ran way over 400 for about 2 weeks.... I ended up with 2 stays in the hospital, the first for 11 days and the 2nd for 7 days... When I came home, I was on insulin shots, as well as metforim.... Once I got better, my readings went way down and now I just use the metforim & try to stay on my diet! Once in awhile I'll have to take a shot, but not too often.

I also have many other major health issues including severe asmtha/copd; rhumitoid arthritis; high blood pressure; hypothyroidism.... I had a total knee repacement Feb, 2006 that didn't go well and I now have a bum leg, so have to use a cane to walk, sometimes even a walker.... Life is the pits at times!

Through it all, I try to stay positive, though, and thank God daily for my Blessings... It's hard though sometimes coz that ole devil will sneak in and pull me down in the pit of depression!

We live in the country on 5 acres... are proud owners of 3 horses & a mule; 3 dogs; and an old tomcat who rules the ranch! We used to have a big garden, lots of flower beds, ect., but this year, for the first time since we've been married, we planted nothing! John is feeling his "age" too plus working many hours overtime, so just didn't get around to planting.... it's weird not having a garden, that's for sure! And I already miss those fresh veggies!!

My favorite hobbies are reading, scrapbooking, making homemade cards, sewing and writing. I am an active member in my church. I love being involved with my kids/grandkids lifes, although it's getting harder to do so with my health problems.

My son will be a SENIOR in high school this year! YEAH!!! He is active in FFA and shows pigs. He works on a dairy farm and has since he was 10 years old... he loves horses, girls, rodeos, girls, trucks, girls... you know how teenage boys are! haha

I look forward to meeting lots of new friends here and sharing the battle we have with diabetes! My Dad died in 1999 from complications of diabetes after taking an over the counter cold medication, so It's pretty scarey to me!


Hi Connie, I’m slow, what’s a SAHM?

Welcome to the site!

“STAY AT HOME MOM”! :slight_smile: that’s okay… it took me awhile to learn some of the computer slang…

How are your sugars going lately, Connie?

Not so good, Manny… not “extremely” high, but can’t seem to get a reading below 150 or so… course my diet hasn’t been as faithful either. :frowning:
Gonna try harder this week though, so hopefully things will improve! also finally got my pool up so will get more “exercise”!