About Me

Hi All

My name is Bob, I'm 57, I've been Married to Carol for over thirty years and have two daughters. Diagnosed in July this year and still coming to terms with it. Oh I forgot to say I come from Scotland.

Hey Bob! Welcome to the community. Very please to to meet you and glad you can join us. I hope you will find the community informative, supportive and fun :)

Welcome to the club Bob. I will be 57 this October. Diagnosed in Oct. 2010. I also have two daughters and rumor has it that my family tree goes back to 1100 A.D. Scotland, but I have not seen any proof of that. So, age, kids and diabetes we DO have in common. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this and you have found the best place I know of to do that. The knowledge contained in the posts on TuD have been a godsend. The support offered by all the members and staff has been invaluable. You can ask any question imaginable and some one will have a useful answer. My recommendation would be to take this time to learn all you can about D. Understand how this all works and figure out what is best for you. Everyone is different and there is no single answer. My best wishes to you Bob. Read on and ask away!